Verizon LG Chocolate

  1. Does anyone have the new chocolate phone by Verizon? DH was thinking about getting it, but we don't know anyone who has it and I hate buying electronics without some sort of feedback. If you have one, do you like it? Or would you recommend a different phone?
  2. I JUST returned mine. I hated it because it locks so very quickly. And it has no speaker phone. I need my speaker phone because it is illegal to talk on the phone in my state without a headset and i often forget my bluetooth at home. The phone aesthetically is very attractive but NOT with your fingerprints all over it!! It makes the phone look horrible, and the case that verizon sells is horrible. That phone is asking to get scratched up. Im just gonna wait until a couple new phones drop. I exchanged my chocolate for the 8300, but i will wait until the KRZR drops, i would love that phone. But i think LG is the only phone on verizon where u can enable the MP3 playback. I dont know, but to answer your question or curiosity i would not recommend the phone unless you like wiping you phone ALL the time and feel the need to competely obssess over whether or not your phone is getting scratched when you have it tucked away someplace. For the two days i had it i put it in a sock!! LOL!!! But i was so scared that it would get scratched, and you should NOT have to put your freaking cell phone in a sock. Do whats best for you, but i wouldnt recommend it. P.S. I will give the phone this, the touch sensors are really cool! But thats it!

  3. I cant wait til the KRZR comes out!!! its dynomite!. I have the "V", I like it alot. The KRZR is comming out november/decemberish. I hope verizon doesnt make the release date longer!. Verizon's phone cases are ugly period!. I wanted to get a case for my V but it looked like a guy case so I got a coach wrislet for it. My friend has the chocolate phone,so it depend on the person. Go to your local Verizon Wireless corp store,and they would show you it =D
  4. That chocolate fone is TDF... I wish that other carriers have it, instead of just Verizon. I don't like verizon much b/c it doesn't have the SIM card option.
    What is the KRZR...???
  5. Trust me get a different phone!!! LOL!!! You will be glad you did! You should try the "V" like Jadore has, i used to have it and it is a good phone, it has a different design than the norm. If you dont get that one, you can look at the one i have. I have the 8300, its an awesome little flip phone too. Umm...just take your time and do research but the chocolate is horrible, its too delicate. Good luck!!:yes:
  6. that surprises me because LG is so good! haha.
  7. LG chocolate is new to the U.S. maybe... but it's definitely not new. Check out and there's a lot of good info/discussion about many different wireless phones from real users.

    I was surprised to see the chocolate phone released so soon here... I was expecting it to come out early next year, maybe, since the U.S. is pretty slow on wireless technology.

    The chocolate phone (also comes in white and gold, i believe) was initially released in its home country of Korea, and was a top selling phone more than a year ago... it's not the most functional, and not the best deal you can get for your money, but I think they were shooting for "style" and "luxury" with top celebs like Kim Tae Hee, Daniel Henney, and Hyun Bin advertising this phone. Another cool fact? The original phone got it's name because there's a chocolate scent when you slide the phone open. The "white chocolate" phone has a lavender scent, i think. I don't think the white one is available in the U.S. or overseas yet, but could be coming soon.

    The GSM version of this phone was released overseas several months ago. I initially thought about buying one and using it with T-Mobile, but the price for this phone was around $400+, and didn't think it was worth the money because I can get a different phone with better features at a comparable price or even cheaper. The things I don't like about this phone? It lacks expandable memory, no speakerphone, and only 1.3 mp camera.

    I don't have Verizon, and I am not interested in switching. I have read a lot of positive reviews about the phone, though. I don't know anything about the current phones they offer, though...
  8. ahh!! I am a Howard Forum member are you?
  9. A lot of Verizon customers swoon over this phone because Verizon comes out with these BS phones and expect people to be happy. So when something semi-cool comes out everyone gets excited. It is an outdated phone with the exception of the touch sensors but that wasnt enough and the design is not user friendly in terms of someone being able to just throw it in their handbag or pocket. You have to baby it, and i for one dont have time for that garbage. There are better phones out there.
  10. ^^^ I agree then again verizon has exellent service. I rather have a less outdated phone,with superior service,than a phone thats new,and crap service =D. I love my "V" though!
  11. i'm not a fans of the design... it's sooo duplicate an ipod U2!