Tech Verizon HTC TP2 Upgrade to Winmo 6.5

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  1. Has anyone upgraded their HTC TP2 to Winmo 6.5 with Verizon's MR1 upgrade?
  2. I don't have Verizon, but I have WinMo 6.5.3
  3. How do you turn off the blinking green led light for message notification?
  4. In Settings-->Sounds and Notifications. Then select "messages" from the drop down box. You'll have the option to turn off the LED.
  5. Tried doing that but the "Flash Light" is greyed out.
  6. #6 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    Well, in that case, it's hard coded into the registry and you won't be able to change it without a registry editor.

    I think we've talked about it before...editing the registry. There's free sw taht will allow you. Just google "Verizon Touch Pro 2 turn off message notification" Something like that. There should be others who've tried to do it and figured it out.


    I went ahead and checked for you. Looks like someone over on XDA (which you should be reading at least once a week) created a cab file for it.

    About 6 posts down. DL the notifications fix v1.1, to your phone and install it.

    I also want to recommend installing a new ROM. It's pretty easy, very step by step. Just read up on it first, then get all the files you need and give it a shot. I never use the official cell carrier ROM. They're bloated and slow the phones down.
  7. I tried both the CAB and editing the registry. Both "ungreyed" the "flash light for". However, even after I leave the box unchecked for new messages, the light still blinks when I get new messages. I'm hesitant to use an unauthorized ROM b/c that invalidates the phone's warranty. And I do use the warranty...I'm already on my 2nd TP2.
  8. Did you read the whole thread? I think there was someone commenting about that and a cab file was posted that fixed it?? Could be wrong.

    As for the ROM, all you need to do is reflash the stock ROM. My Tilt wouldn't get GPS, so I just reflashed, and took it in for warranty. No problems. Like I said, they also have "clean" stock ROMS, so they look exactly like it would if you got it from Verizon, but it wouldn't have all the crap sw on there.