Verizon FiOS TV???

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  1. Does anyone here has it? I am thinking to switch from Time Warner Cable to Verizon. Can you list Pros and Cons? I am on the fence due to their $4.99 per box/per month.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. When we moved in a year ago, I had contemplated getting it. I was previously a Direct TV customer. The only reason I didn't go about getting it was because I'm on the west coast and with Dish and Direct you get to see cable programs at the east coast time. So... I get to watch all my shows at 7pm that are really on at 10. So I went with Dish to continue this. At the time this option wasn't available with Verizon, but everything else about it seemed great. I'm not familiar with Time Warner though so I can't tell you much beyond that.