Verizon And AT&T Shared Data Plans Compared, Which Is Right For You?

  1. I need to read more about this, but I'm not sure I'm going to like it..
  2. When all is said and done I think we might actually save $10 per month this way. If I am understanding correctly, the charge per GB is going to replace the unlimited email and internet charge that Verizon currently has per month on smart phones. I don't think we use more than 1GB between the two of us on our phones. I have an upgrade next month so I guess I'll see what happens.
  3. i figured it out with our family plan (me, my mom and brother) and we would actually save like $10-$20 going on the share everything plan. I looked up how much data we've been using and even had to go higher than what we use and it was still cheaper than what we pay now.

    however i locked myself into unlimited data for at least the next two years so i won't have to deal with that anytime soon :smile: