Verifying bank account for Paypal

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  1. I'm a new seller-but the process of the bank account verification is still not complete. I think it might still take a few more days. But the thing is my item is ending today-if I do end up selling it today-how will this work?
    The bag I'm selling for is more than $500.00 which is a current limit on my account but I was told it will change once my bank is verified?

  2. You mean the limit on how much you can transfer for the month? Yes, once the verification goes through the limit will be lifted and you can withdraw all of it (or the remaining amount more than $500 if you take that out immediately).

    ONe word of caution though, you will likely get the message for a 21 day hold since it is a handbag and your account is new (assuming from the bank verification). This means that Paypal holds the money until the item is confirmed delivered (you MUST get signature confirmation) or the buyer leaves positive feedback. This is extra for UPS, FedEX, and USPS. Make sure you are paying for it or you would lose any Paypal claim.