Verify what style bag this is

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  1. I know this is authentic but i'm trying to determine the model # or style....

  2. Welcome to tPF. First of all, it is against the rules to post links of your own eBay listings over here.

    Secondly, not saying it is not authentic, but there aren't enough pictures to tell. Close up pictures of the Chanel trademark, the Made In, front and back of the twistlock closure and hologram sticker are needed.

    Thirdly, the vintage styles didn't have any names, only the more current styles have.
  3. Ok I did not intentionally break those rules. I apologize I realize ignorance does not imply innocence and I should have read the rules closer. Where should I put those pictures so it can be verified?
  4. That's OK, you can read the rules over here:

    We have a Authenticate This Chanel thread where you can post your pictures, just click on the link >>>

    When it's verified, I suggest you add those pictures to your listing. Will save you a lot of authenticity questions of potential buyers. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.