verified paypal address /added new address after sent payment


Feb 1, 2007
Sold a high end bag. I have the buyer's paypal (verified and confirmed) address that came with the paypal email notification when she paid. Now buyer is asking if I will send the bag to her new address which is a few blocks away from old one. She says has already contacted paypal about the change of address, she thought they had the new one but they still had the old one,etc.. Paypal will not give out "third party" info when I called them. I.e., they wouldn't verify that her new address had been added. This is an expensive bag and I want to be sure it not only reaches her, but I can insure it properly and get signature confirmation in case anything happens. Anyone else had this situation? The only thing I could do is refund her paypal and then ask her to resend the payment with the new confirmed address? Don't want to risk losing this sale, but on the other hand, don't want to risk losing my bag to a glitch like lost package or even some kind of scammer - like bait and switch? She is acting annoyed that I won't just go ahead and send it to the new address. I don't think Paypal would consider a claim if I don't send to verified address right? What would you do???
Nov 20, 2007
Just send it to her confirmed address, with sig confirmation and insurance, that way you'd be covered in the event she tricks you. I don't buy her story at all. I mean there are ways to change your mailing address on both ebay and Paypal, it's not difficult at all. If she was genuine she'd know how to fix it. Otherwise it sounds like a scam to me.

Coming to think of it, I did have a fraudulent buyer who was stupid enough to have her bags sent to her boyfriend's home. That address was confirmed on Paypal because she had her credit card bills sent there for convenience. After I mailed the bags, she switched her Paypal address to her own home and filed a PP claim. PP ruled it in my favor because I shipped them to a confirmed address and she didn't think the old one would stick.:yahoo:
i've recently moved, but told seller ship to old address b/c i told USPS about my address change, even DHS & UPS know about the change w/o me telling them. Let your buyer know if she don't agree of resend the payment w/correct confirmed address, you will send it to whav you have, mail carrier should automatically redirect to her; provided she submit a form via USPS website. GL!