and = FAKE!

  1. I ordered a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25 from They guarantee the authenticity; however, I just took it to the Louis Vuitton store in Chicago to get verified for authenticity, and the manger knew right away that it was fake! It has double stitching and not single, the handles are triangular and not curved, the date code is on the wrong side, the brass wear is cheap and dingy, and it smells like cheap plastic and not like genuine Vuitton leather.

    Please do not buy from OR Despite what they claim, they are the same company, only one website charges more. I ordered from the verezia website, and the return address said “Mohega Company.”

    Vuitton fanatics know that Louis Vuitton destroys irregulars and never sells them for a fraction of the cost; however, when I confronted these websites, they told me that “Louis Vuitton lies to people. They do not destroy them. They sell them from less.” This is obviously untrue! Their feedback is also fake; they post it themselves. The e-mail addresses end in When I tried posting feedback, they did not post it because it wasn’t positive and instead trying to warn people that their bags are fake.

    The purpose of this message is to help people avoid getting scammed. Many websites claim that their bags are authentic, but they are not. The only way you are guaranteed the authenticity of a bag is if you buy it from or a Louis Vuitton store. I wish I would have just done this in the first place instead of looking for deals. You may find a used one for a reasonable price, but even then, be very careful. But if someone is selling a brand new Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the cost, or even a few dollars off, avoid it! They are fake! Macy’s gives people 20% off their purchase when they open a Macy’s card, but the Louis Vuitton inside of Oakbrook’s Macy’s will not allow their purses to be discounted. The only place you might save a buck is on eluxury. They do not charge shipping or tax on your purchase.

    Please contact me,xxxxx, if you would like to see pictures of what actually sold me and claimed to be authentic. I would be more than happy to provide pictures of the bag, dust cover, and box it was shipped in. If I can prevent at least one person from being ripped off by these scam artists, my job will be accomplished.

  2. I already knew they were fake, but we certainly appreciate your story. We get a lot of questions about these sites, Mohega in particular. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you are able to get your money back. Good luck!
  3. Did you try to return it? and if so, whathappened?
  4. If it's possible I think you should post those images here in this thread. It would be a great reference to have so other people can see for themselves. Maybe at least other people can learn from this. I'm sorry you had this bad experience. Did you try send back the purse since the sites claim to have no hassle returns?
  5. Thanks, This is helpful.
  6. I was thinking to buy from mohega. Thanks for your post. If you notice the photos are from Eluxury. Can you send me pictures of your speedy? Thanks again
  7. I emailed customer service from when I was curious about a Chanel bag. I asked about the authenticity they claim, for more pictures (very limited postings and their zoom feature is crap), and for the drop length of the handles. I got a reply that yes, they only sell authentic bags with imperfections "not visible to the eye" but they did not answer any of my other questions, nor did they send any additional pictures. I was very suspicious and did not order anything. I'm so glad you all confirm that this website is not legitimate! :boxing:Take that fake purses!
  8. If someone could post a photo of some of these fakes, it would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. OMG thank you so much for your post!!! I was really curious of that site was real. Thanks!
  10. That sucks.
    I'm so sorry that happend to you, but i'm glad that you warned us all about it.
  11. omg thats very not good, how people try to make it seem that its all authentic and then scam you, i guess if they say it was a replica but they dont!, omg so sorry to hear this, so can you return it?
  12. Yup, I know about these 2 websites. I asked for more pictures on the speedy and say they did not have any available ones and gave really vague answers. And I became suspicious when I noticed that these 2 sites had the exact same descriptions and policies! Another site to avoid is boutique marcella. Understand that they're under investigation for selling counterfeit items now. Not surprised if they are all in the same ring!
  13. Oh, how I wish I had read this sooner. I ordered a bag and a wallet. The Damier Speedy 30 was completely fake. It looked good at first, but upon closer inspection, the lettering was all wrong, no round Os, and the lining was brown, not reddish orange. I read about how to spot a fake LV from an eBay site. So, now I know to stay away from anyone but eLuxury. I will get my bag from them as soon as my account is credited. Thanks for your post.
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  15. i know what you r going thru for i have been thru this recently with boutique marcella so that site is also a noo