Verena loves LV :o)

  1. Hello there,

    I finally made pictures of my designer collection. It' mainly LV, but I also have a few other designer items.




    Hope you like it! :love:

    Regards from AUSTRIA!!

  2. Gorgeous collection Verena, congrats!
  3. I love your collection! It's very well-rounded!
  4. Great collection.
  5. nice collection!
  6. Great LV collection!
  7. Hi, Verena!!! Glad to see you finally made a thread of your collection!!! And that is ONE GORGEOUS COLLECTION!!!:heart: How are things, dear (BTW, just in case you are wondering who the hell I am, we used to chat way back when I used to be an LV_addict!:graucho: Remember?).
  8. Great pieces Verena!! Love the heatstamp on your Azur :love:
  9. You have a great collection and from your user icon you are soooo pretty!
  10. Great LV collection!!
    love the anda pochette!!!:love::love:
  11. Amazing collection!

    What's the little pink bag next to the groom agenda? Is it a cell phone holder?
  12. great collection.. i love all your speedies!
  13. What a fabulous collection! Love the Miroir pochette!
  14. I love your Prada tote & Azur speedy:love:
  15. Thank you all for your nice words! :love:

    Irene, I often take a short look on TPF and some threads, and I recognized some days ago you've changed your name and have become a moderator! :yes:

    turtlejd, the small pink bag is indeed a cell phone holder from Escada, I got it as a birthday present from my boyfriend 2 years ago! :heart:
    However I always use it as a case for my camera.

    Here's a better photo of it:


    (I had it branded with my eBay-account name)