Verdict on the new flat messenger style?

  1. For those of you who own or have tried on this style, what are your thoughts?

    There were posts several weeks ago with some new bags. Since then, I've noticed a couple on eBay (1 or 2 may have been from PFers). Recently, I haven't seen much about it here.

    One concern I have is that it may be a bit too rectangular, especially at the top. I think it's better to have a rounded in shape at the top to conform to your body (although maybe this style slouches with time).

    I'd love to hear any comments.
  2. I think messenger bags are great but I tried the new style on and found it to be only ok. I much prefer the old messenger style like this:

    I actually had one but sold it thinking that I could eventually replace it with the new style but the new style doesn't work for me - something about the shape seems off. Some people do like the new style though so it is probably worth trying it on. I plan to hunt another one of the '04s down at the end of the year (am now in saving not spending mode).
  3. strap wasn't near long enough for me.
  4. i personally LOVE the flat messenger, but i'm not the kind of person who enjoyed wearing messenger bags :p

  5. that is the nice thing about the old ones. the strap is much longer so it can fit all different people, taller or shorter.
  6. ^^ i'm in love with the new style :tender:
  7. Thanks everyone for your opinions. It sounds like it has potential but that you really need to try it on to see if it fits you right.
  8. I tried it on a few weeks ago and wasn't very impressed, quite disapointed actually as I just love messenger bags. I don't have a car so it's nice to have my hands free to carry other bags. First off I found the strap wayyyy too short. I like my bags to flop on my bottom not my waist. I also found the shape too squarish which made it look weird on as well as uncomfortable. I much prefer their older style flat messenger and flat hobo. I think it might work well on a very petite woman though.
  9. I agree. I wanted this style so bad and when I finally got to try it on, the strap was way too short. No way this would work as a cross body on a taller person. The SA suggested I punch extra holes to lengthen the strap? Huh?? :confused1:
  10. earth & purse - It's really helpful to hear your experiences.
  11. I am 5 9" about 125 lbs and I think it looks GREAT as a messenger style bag..I LOVE it. I saw the Sandstone and White messengers today and they were gorgeous (especially the Sandstone), I bought the black a couple of weeks ago:smile::smile: I think you should get one!!
  12. I actually tried it on too last week. At first I was sooo excited about it and really wanted one..but then was rather disappointed when I tried it on. The strap was too short for me, plus the top part of the bag is so stiff, it didn't really 'wrap' around me when I carried it just kinda looked weird on me. Ended up getting the blueberry courier instead.

    Then again, I guess it'd fit everybody differently...
  13. I must admit i was a bit disappointed with it! Its not for me at all!!!
  14. citychris - thanks for asking a question that's been on my mind for awhile :smile:

    i'm a short woman (5'3") and i like messenger bags to sit at my waist...but if the leather doesn't conform to my curves, then that's just no good. i also worry that because the bag has no width, it won't hold much (hello, first?).

    all the replies have been incredibly helpful. maybe i'll look for a besace instead.
  15. I agree that the replies have been very helpful. I would not buy this style without trying it to make sure the strap length is right for me. I'm also concerned about the conforming to my body right. Glad to hear that some are enjoying it though.