Verdict on '06 leathers?

  1. So how do you girls feel about the quality of this leather? I know a few of you have some '06 bals... are they as good as previous seasons?
  2. My opinion from my trip to Holts earlier this week is that some of them are better than last season, but you have to look at them closely because there is a lot of variation, even of the same bag and color.
  3. The leather is thicker(definitely on my 06 Oxblood). It's thicker than the S/S 06 and the later batches of the F 05. It's not as thick as the S/S 05 and earlier, though.
  4. my opinions? ERRATIC! SCHIZOPREHNIC! if you like to gamble, you will looooooove it. great smooshy bags and them smmooth pleather "chuckie"' bags.... (to borrow a chloe pfer edith description). jokers gone wild!!:cool:
  5. so far from what i can see - havent touch 06 leathers (the new season ones) it looks YUMMY!
  6. i think, there's still a lot of variations on the 06 leather. it's kind of hit or miss. overall, though the leather is thicker and not as veiny.
  7. Agree with all the above - this is definitely the season of the crap-shoot........ Some are phenomenal: I just got a Rouge Vif that actually rivals my 2004 leathers - and some are worse than last season: crackly and veiny or smooth and pleather-like.

    Very hit or miss - be prepared to dig through them in person or have someone you trust do it for you.
  8. Not a fan of the new bags. Most of them look cheap to me. Cheap and pleathery. :sick:
  9. Absolutely love the F06 rouge!
  10. What did you get style101? Did you post pics yet?? I am quickly becoming obsessed with the red!
  11. I haven't see IRL.. but from the pics, the leathers look yummy, not to mention the colors selections ... so gorgeous....
  12. I got a really soft, beautiful Twiggy! Seriously, I love the leather on this one - it's such an improvement over last season. But I saw some others that were really awful - fake and plastic-y. So strange......

    Here are some pics, but I had a hard time capturing the leather quality - my close-up picture-taking skills are lacking (also included a shot of the new "Money" wallet: slightly different than the compagnon) - the red is definitely worth obsessing over!
  13. Style---your Twiggy is gorgeous!!! :heart: I love the new Money wallet, too! Thanks for posting these pics! :flowers:
  14. style, congrats on your additions! that's the first time seeing the money wallet. it can fit quite a bit, eh? you can use it as a clutch too. i love it. thanks for sharing the pics.
  15. style- That is seriously hot! I have to get that color- it is a must have!:love: :love: :love: