Vera Wang Wedding Gown!

  1. Does anyone know the price? I apologize if this is the wrong section.
    019_primary.jpg 019_sec03.jpg
  2. It probably belongs in the Wardrobe subforum in the Accessorize section. You may get some replies there. Send a PM to a mod to move it.

    Hope you get your answer! It's a beautiful gown.
  3. Gorgeous gown, not too sure though sorry!
  4. That's gorgeous.
    I'm not too sure about the price, but I would say around 8000-10 000 is a fair guess.
  5. I've tried googling it, but didn't have much luck with finding the price.
  6. Hope you can find your answer, it looks beautiful, maybe try send the pictures to a SA in Neiman to see if they can find out the price for you? The bigger Neimans I think carry vera's wedding gowns.
  7. Hi there, I am not sure of the price. However, I know you can e-mail their retail store the picture and they will get back to you with a price, style number, color options, etc. I hope that helps! The dress is divine by the way!
  8. I can get the price form my local boutique, but I'm afraid it might be over my budget and then I'll have a heart-attack for sure, LOL!!!!

    I can't go over $12,000 and I think this gown might me that and then some.
  9. Irishpandabear thanks, I'm so in love with this gown, my girlfriend just told me this is Avril Lavigne's gown, so now I'm really worried, this dress was so made for someone with boobs and hips like myself! :p
  10. vera wang wedding gown starts at around 6K and can go up to 20-30k depending on the style, material and line.
  11. I'm planning my wedding now. I looked at the Vera Wang boutique and most dresses with that level of lace etc... were in the $6000 + rance. PM me if you want my Vera Wang SA's contact information.

    Gorgeous dress BTW!
  12. No idea, but I must say..that is one gorgeous gown!
  13. love that gown! it'll surely make a girl feel special on her wedding day:tender:.
  14. I'm totally having a heart-attack, this gown is $18,000K!!!!
  15. Augh! It sure is gorgeous, though. I know this isn't for everyone, but I bought my Vera Wang gown on eBay. It retailed for about $4K and I bought it for $700. $18K is a huge amount of money for a gown that you'll wear for less than 8 hours.