Vera Wang Princess

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    Anyone smell it yet? It's a really flirty scent, if that makes sense, lol. And the bottle is adorable. :tender: I'm planning to get a sample before I actually buy it.
  2. I have not smelled it yet. The scent combination was OK until they got to the misk.
  3. amber, musk and i don't get along. this is one i'll probably skip. too bad though, the bottle's cute!
  4. I haven't smelled it yet, but the scent description sounds quite nice. Thank you for posting it. I don't mind a bit of musk, as long as it's subtle.
  5. I love musk but it's not for all body chemistries. I haven't smelled this one yet though.
  6. I just came back from Sephora, but I didn't buy it yet. This scent is selling really fast though!
  7. I got a sample of it a few weeks ago when I smelled it and it smells really nice, but I have not tried it yet.
  8. I smelled it in a magazine and loved it. But I will have to use up my other two bottles of perfume before I buy any more.
  9. you're good! you should see my vanity.:lol: my mom told me I need to go on probation.
  10. I just bought it from Sephora last week while I was in NYC. I haven't stopped using it. It has replaced my last daily perfume (Hugo Boss Woman). It isn't for everyone though. I think it smells great on...but my sis tried it as well and it reaked on her. Try before you buy!
  11. I love that bottle. Very feminine. I will try a sample!
  12. I love it, it's so girly !

    But.. alas, I really have to hold off on buying more perfume. That addiction is getting dangerous again !
  13. ayla, I hear ya! I have the same problem!
  14. I just bought this at Marshall Field's! It smells SO SO GOOD!!!!!
  15. I loved the smell in the magazine sample, but when I tried gave a much different scent. It did not smell very nice on me. My hubby also gave it a thumbs down. Just my opinion....hope it works for many of you. Please try it before buying.