Vera Wang Princess Perfume advertisement, silver heart, can anyone help please?

  1. My daughter really wants this heart for her birthday. You can see the model wearing it around her neck. It appears to curl up at the top on both sides rather than being a flat pendant. Has anyone seen anything like this please? I would so love to track it down for her.
    Here is the link to the website

  2. Anyone know who makes a pendant like this?
  3. I think the necklace is by Vera Wang fine jewellery but I can't find you a link. Hope this helps, good luck!
  4. Thanks Periogirl I will try to find someone that stocks it
  5. Have you looked at Tiffany & Co.? You may not find the exact one but they have a nice selection of heart pendants.
  6. Thanks elle, it is this pendant that she wants because of the curl not a flat heart.

    I have searched online cannot find anyone selling it. Will try to call Harrods on Monday I know they do Vera Wang dresses.
  7. You can try bringing the picture with you to your jewelers and have them make it for you. I do that a lot because I can't wear silver and most of the pretty (and affordable) jewelry out there is done in silver.
  8. Yes I did that, took it to the only one who makes jewellery near me, they made a big deal out of the curl, didn't think they could do it! UGH!

    I also commissioned them to make her a necklace with her name. The ones you buy are cheap & very thin metal. I wanted a nice thick one. Well I paid plenty & was so disappointed when I saw it he made it much smaller than I wanted but heck I was silly & i didn't say anything! It's nice mind you, good quality just a bit on the small side :sad:

  9. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't come out the way you wanted it :sad: That's the thing with having pieces really need to be very specific! I've been disappointed in the past so now my jeweler (who also happens to be a close family friend) maybe think that I'm a little demanding but I get pieces that I want and I refer and go back to her so it works out for everyone!

    So are you still getting the piece made for your daughter? I hope she likes whatever you end up getting her! She's very lucky to have such a thoughtful mother :yes:
  10. Yes it is a risk & I really should have said that it was smaller than I asked for but I am useless at complaining!
    I have to go back to them to see if they can make the heart but I will wait until I have called Harrods tomorrow to see if they have it.
  11. Is there a corporate Vera Wang number? They might know.

    I found it.

    Vera Wang Corporate Offices

    (212) 575-6400 225 W 39th St, #900, New York, NY 10018
  12. Not exactly but thanks so much for your efforts :heart:

    Thanks so much, appreciate your efforts :heart:
  13. I called the 212 number and they gave me coty's number.

    Still hearing back from them their number is 1800 715 4023....
    they said on their vm that they will get back to responses in a business day.

    *fingers crossed*
  14. to me it looks similar to tiffany's folded heart necklace, but it's so small it's hard to say