Vera Wang Lavender Label Dress -- what to wear with it?

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi ladies! I just bought this dress for my law school prom (it's in March), and I'm wondering how to accessorize. Shoes, clutch, jewelry? My hair color is basically the same as the model, and we're of similar builds, if that matters. It's such a pretty dress, so I'm excited! :smile:
  2. Awww, I can't see the picture, just a box with a red "x". :sad:
  3. ahh, here we go! i just uploaded it. hope that works!
  4. If it's in March... then I imagine it would be warm - go for open-toed evening sandals rather than pumps like th models has on. I think a black satin sandals and clutch combination would go well with the dress...

    As for jewelry, do something that would be similar to the jewel details around the bust. I would leave the neckline bare since you already have the jewel detail to avoid looking too busy, and opt for dramatic earrings instead.
  5. I live in Boston, so I'll have to wait until March to actually see what the weather will be. I have a pair of black satin peeptoes that would look nice, and I'll have a strappier pair at the ready in case it's warm!

    I'm so excited to pick out a bag and jewelry and plan the makeup and hair. It's like prom all over again! :smile:
  6. I think it is so pretty and would look great accessorized with silver. I kind of picture the hair up would really dress it up. It's nice cause you could really do a variety of things with it. Sounds like fun!