Vera Wang Lavender dress

  1. Has anyone seen the VW blue dress with white neckline on the the cover of Lucky? I love it! Have you seen it in an online store? I've been looking and so far I have not seen it.
  2. Hm, maybe the current issue of Lucky hasn't arrived for me yet, because the last one I got has Hayden Panetierre on the front cover, and she's wearing a navy dress with a red sweater. Do you have a picture of the VW dress? Maybe I could help you then!
  3. Ah- I'm having a lapse in reading abilities LOL. For some reason when I read your post I read "lavender" and "dress" and skipped over the rest in my mind. WOW I'm smart :wondering Sorrry! I love the dress though, but haven't seen it anywhere online.
  4. Thanks - that is the one I mean (with the red sweater). Hopefully someone will know where I can find it.