Vera Wang for Kohl's

  1. I recently read in the New York Times that Vera Wang will be joining with Kohl's for a possibly long-term brand called "Simply Vera" starting in September. I was wondering what you all would think about that. Would any of you plan on going to Kohl's to purchase some of her pieces, or at least check them out (they look great in the pictures from the article!) or would you not even consider it? I know I'll deffinatly be taking some of my friends there to encourage them to find some things :yes:I unfortunatly do not have a Times subscription and can't post the article, but if anyone here does, I'd appreciate it :smile:
  2. sounds interesting. i would definitely check it out.
  3. unfortunately, that article ran last sunday in the times, so i couldn't pull it up online. but i've heard the buzz about vera coming to kohl's since this past fall/winter and i'm super excited about it. i would definitely buy from this line.
  4. She's def coming and I can't wait.
  5. I think I'd love it. I don't know about Kohl's though.

  6. i totally agree. i love vera wang's stuff, but i dont know about kohl's.. dont like the store. but ill def check it out.
  7. I would go check it out, I already bought Libertine at Target, anyway.
  8. Yet another designer selling out for the cheap dept stores. I am totally disappointed in this news. My daughter is planning on a Vera Wang wedding gown, there is no way she is going to want that now.
  9. Why is that? First off, she needs to be able to pay her company's bills to continue to produce her high end lines, and second, why is it "selling out" for her to want to bring style to more people? As was mentioned in the article I read, she is doing this foremost to for the financial benefits. But I think it's comendible that she among other designers are realizing that there are other people in the world with other budgets who still want to look stylish and that they should not be excluded because of their lack of financial wealth. Designing for Kohls does not effect her main lines any way but possitively.
  10. Yeah, well Kohl's doesn't always have the best buys. Ironically some of their products are more expensive than the same product at high quality stores on-line. Also, they try and gauge you with shipping fees. Occasionally they might have a decent sale, but I've seen them mark certain products even higher once they put the 1$ shipping fee into effect. They are not out to supply lower budgeted people with lower prices. They will charge as high as they possibly can.

    Now that doesn't mean all their product are so hot or high quality either. Obviously they're no Barneys. It just means Kohl's is a dog for trying to overcharge the wrong people. They must think people don't know how to shop.

    As for Vera, what she's doing sound good to me. I don't know if I will like/regularly her products at Kohl's, but I will definitely get at least one to see how is.
  11. Okay as someone who regularly shops @ Kohl's I don't know what yall are talking about! Kohl's regularly has "Early Bird" /"Night Owl" sales not to mention "Lowest Prices of the Season"/"Kohls Bucks" to where up to 60% is marked off the merchandise. Not to mention you'll see something on the rack one day and on CLEARANCE the next. I always make a b-line for the clearance section.

    And as far as the comments from ppl looking down on Vera for making clothing for the everyday working woman that's just plain SNOBBERY. News flash- everyone can NOT afford Barney's. I can't believe what I'm reading. Ppl actually changing their minds over what wedding dress they're going to buy just because this woman is making a cheaper line- what does that have to do with quality of her high end wedding gowns?!:confused1: That's freaking ridiculous. Rant over.
  12. I'm with you! Fashion shouldn't be about price, and I think it's wonderful that these designers have produced more affordable lines. Even though I do shop at Barney's, I enjoy shopping at Target too. And it's great on bad weather days, I can still be fashionable with my $25 Isaac Mizrahi for Target bag.

  13. Well, she's joining a lot of designers who are pairing with lower priced lines/department stores. It's not as hip of an association as say with Victor&Rolf with H&M, but Vera's line is more elegant and mature, KWIM? Hopefully, it will be a win-win situation of injecting cash into Vera's business, more "brand" exposure for Vera and attention for Kohl's, and the opportunity for people to buy into something "Vera" at a lower price.
  14. I was just @ Targe' this morn.

    And isn't that what the big pic is about? Someone who isn't as well off having a little piece of the dream? These women may never sit front row @ a fashion show or ever smell a whiff of the fragrance section @ Henri Bendel. But they can go to Kohls and buy a crisp Vera suit and look NICE @ their overworked/underpaid place of employment.