Vera Wang at Kohl's September 9th!

  1. I was reading my new issue of Glamour and saw the cutest dress...apparently, Vera Wang is going to be doing a line at Kohl's that debuts on September 9.:yes:

    I am excited to see what her collection looks like!

    Although now part of me does not want to drop excess $$ for one of her wedding gowns...she was one of the designers I was considering for my November 2008 wedding, but now I am not sure.:confused1:
  2. Are u serious? How does this affect you not wanting a Vera gown now?:confused1:
  3. Why?

    Just curious.
  4. I totally get it. I am one of the people who think that it's not necessarily a good idea when a designer does a line for a lower level store. Halston blew himself out of the water back when he did things for Penneys. Devi Kroell is making her own knockoffs for Target. As soon as I start to see certain names show up too many times at the discount stores, it does change the way I think about their stuff. Maybe I'm too superficial, but I'll bet I'm not the only one.
  5. Yeah maybe you are but hey there's power in numbers, right?
  6. The reason Halston's business failed was because people who put too much value on a name stopped buying from his regular lines, which shows how this cultivated "status" can destroy a legitimatly talented designer's career for no reason at all. It had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of his products, or any other designer's who has done a line for a lower-priced store, which I think is the most important thing when buying expensive clothing. I'd think that fans of Vera Wang would be happy because of this union. She does not design the line herself, so none of her resources will go into it, but enjoys a nice amount of money from putting her name on the lable. This allows her to keep her ready-to-wear lines and bridal line functioning at the level they are. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a good thing.
  7. I tend to agree with this. I feel that once a high-end designer designs for a lower level store, their exclusiveness and uniqueness seems to fade away. I am still excited to see what designs she introduces to Kohl's, though.
  8. I'm really excited for this line! I am loving the pieces I've seen so far!

  9. I just feel that dropping so much money on a designer wedding gown when the designer has a line at Kohl's is (in MY case--certainly not others) just not something that I want to do.

    Like if Manolo Blahnik did a line for Payless, I probably wouldn't want to drop $500+ on a pair of shoes from them anymore, either.

    I posted this thread to let everyone know that the Vera Wang line is coming, not to stir controversy over my wedding dress.:sad:
  10. ITA! I think it was the new issue of Cosmo, or maybe 'Brides', that has the new ad campaign in it. VERY cute!:tup:
  11. There was already a thread on this. It got a bit nasty so be careful people!
  12. ^Oh really?! I hate when I repeat threads! LOL

    I will notify a mod. Thanks for the heads up :smile:
  13. We already had a Vera Wang for Kohls thread and we certainly already had snobbish comments on ppl not wanting her wedding gowns anymore. I just thought you had already viewed the stink that started in that thread and was throwing more salt in the wound. My bad.
  14. ^No I didn't know that there was already a thread about this.

    I just notified a mod to close/merge my thread.

    I certainly don't want to start a thread that creates drama from my 'snobbish' comments.