vera flats prices worldwide

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  1. Does anyone know how much vera flats are in pounds and euros?
  2. Did you mean the Varina (which is flat) or the Vara (which has a heel)?
  3. I recently bought some ferragamo flats for 150 pounds, but they were on sale marked down from 300.
  4. hi - where did you get them for so cheap in the UK?
  5. I just purchased one pair of Red. cost me $225. really nice color
  6. Jessica, Where did you buy? I want A pair of red. Thanks
  7. There's red in Hong Kong! For sale too! 30% off
  8. Varina flats are 330€. I bought a pair from the boutique yesterday for 231€ after 30% discount.
  9. Vara patent leather are HK$4100 in HK = approx. US$550.
  10. How much are the varina n vara in singapore
  11. I am also interested to know the prices of My Paris and My Joy in Singapore :giggles:
  12. Does anyone know the price of the flats. In Europe or Singapore?
  13. check in on the official website
  14. In Canada the flats are $450 for classics but may cost a bit more for special leather, such as the perforated ones!
  15. Boutique prices are on web Ferrgamo. I could share the outlet price of Vara in calfskin - in La Vallee Village, Marne la Vallee (Paris):
    july 2012: 139€
    december 2013: 199 - 229€