Vera Bradley

  1. :shame: This is just my opinion...but I happen to like the Vera Bradley line. Maybe that makes me a dork:crybaby: , or a hick or something, but I think they are super cute for spring and summer for a more laid back look...when you are just in shorts and a tee, and at the park or beach. I guess I probably sound like an idiot, or a low-life, but I do like them...maybe it's because I'm still in college, I dunno...what do you guys think, are they really that bad?:crybaby:
  2. I don't like them at all. At my school, everywhere you look you see a Vera Bradley bag, and I'm just tired of them i guess.
  3. Don't worry, you're not alone...I love Vera Bradley (and I don't care who knows it! :love:)
    I think they are well made bags, with some cute patterns (and some...:shrugs:blech patterns) but one thing that's great about them...the POCKETS! I wish I could find other bags like that...
  4. It doesn't make you a dork at all Lalteiro! To each their own. And it was featured on Sex and the city (when Carrie was about to go on vacation w/ Big but then backed out). Is Carrie a dork? Ok, maybe I'm the dork for writing that. Haha.
  5. Me too -- I have a really cute one, it holds all my stuff and has like eight pockets, which is awesome. :biggrin: They d/c'ed my pattern though. :sad:
  6. I thought some of the patterns resembled pot holders, but I am sort of gradually warming up to them. I think as a beach bag, they would be nice.

  7. Thanks everyone! I didn't know they were actually featured on Sex and the City...that's pretty cool!:yes:
  8. I like Vera Bradley!!! It doesn't make you a dork or a low life! Vera is pretty pricey and the reason you see them everywhere is because they are popular! I have a couple of Vera totes that I love for going to the pool in the summer or my daughter uses on over nights. I have seen some of the new colors for the spring and I love them!! Go for it!
  9. Thanks, BagLadie!
  10. Some of them are really cute. As long as the rest of your outfit is simple and casual, I think they look fresh.
  11. I must be a dork too! Because I love me some Vera bags :yahoo:
  12. Personally it isn't my style, but I have seen some girls carry them and they look cute. I used to criticize VB, but I have come to realize some people may think my bags, like the Spy aren't beautiful either and they don't get it.
    I have now come to the philosophy live and let live.
  13. i agree, i wouldnt necessarily use one in the winter, i used to have one but sold it. I would have no problem using it at the club during summer as a pool bag, it still amazes me how much you can fit in the things!
  14. LAltiero85 - you are definitely not a dork or a hick because you like Vera Bradley! To each her own :heart: Be well.
  15. Don't EVER call yerself a low-life, because you like a certain bag! You sound like a wonderful person and nobody should ever put themselves down for liking something.. *hugs* :heart: