Vera Bradley Wallet

  1. :confused1: Hi everyone! I recently came across this red quilted wallet/organizer and the label reads Vera Bradley and on tags. However, because I did not buy this from a department store, rather I found it at a local thrift store! Now, the question is: Are Vera Bradley items made in China???? Does anyone else have one of these wallets, etc, by Vera Bradley.

    P.S. I know, I really don't consider Vera Bradley a "designer" or "couture" but for $1.00, I couldn't resist! :rolleyes:
  2. Yes, they are made in China. Good find!!
  3. VB stuff certainly isn't designer (IMO anyway), but I love it! It's still fairly expensive - I know their wallets range from $24-35, so that was a great find.
  4. My dad bought me a Vera Bradley handbag for CHristmas, and I absolutely love it!! I used to hate VB, but once I actually had one, I fell in love :smile: I plan on using the handbag he gave me as a diaper bag. It's not that large, but it'll work for short trips! It looks great for spring now too.

    Great find!
  5. I didn't think they were made in China. I have read the history and I believe they are made right here in the states. 2 women started this business somewhere in the US.
  6. Awww, I knew you ladies would know. I appreciate your replies. Thanks, I think it was a great find also. I think the color of this wallet is just striking. It's almost as red as this font color.
    I have also found Dooney's, once a Judith Leiber! I love to go and have a look at the thrift stores, and estate sales..... you never know what treasures you will find, and the prices are insane!:cutesy:
  7. I have three Vera Bradley pieces - all of them were made in the US.
  8. ^^There newer bags are made in China.
  9. Most Vera Bradley is made in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I currently reside. They were founded here and the founders still live and work in this town where there is a huge factory and stores.

    I have seen replicas of Vera Bradley.
    LV is my main passion, but they have a huge annual factory sale here where bags are sold for pennies on the dollar so I usually go cause my mom loves the stuff.

    I checked my 23 pieces of Vera Bradley and one said Sewn in mexico. Most said either made in the U.S.A or had no location tag. I have a variety ranging from wallets to handbags and luggage pieces. Even have some table linens so the tags came from a wide variety of styles.

    I have a few friends who work at the company but haven't heard anything about it being made in China as they usually pride themselves on their USA rep. I'm definitely not an expert on the brand tho. Could be.

    I had a few pieces of the microfiber line but sold them or I could check the tags in them.

    The thrift stores here are loaded with Vera, some fake but most authentic. I have seen tons of fake Dooney and Coach there tho. Also picked up many authentics too, it's definitely a hobby of mine to go "treasure hunting". I usually sell my findings on eBay to pay for my LV habit. lol
    I find tons of fake LV in larger cities when I go thrift shopping. Kinda makes me mad to see how high they sell it for even tho it's fake.
  10. nice job. i love VB's colors.
  11. I have Vera luggage, as I said. My older pieces - red bandana, mesa red are made in the USA. I have a peacock piece and the new spectator tote, both made in China. They are authentic but definitely made in China. Odd but true