Vera Bradley Semi Annual Sale

  1. There is a Semi Annual Sale going on now.

    Certain things are up to 25% off. I'm going to take this time to go ahead and get the Villager I've been thinking about. It would make a great all-around bag that I don't have to worry about too much.
  2. I've been thinking about getting one of these..
    But I don't know if the quilted fabric would last.
    What's the quality like with her bags?
  3. wow.. i didn't know vb had sales.

    just a small note: the vb large duffle sucks. ok, well its beautiful and i have it. but it won't look like a duffle unless you fill it up to the top with stuff, and by then.. you'll be thinking... man the straps are gunna rip off. even tho i doubt they will. its very slouchy, dippy, and if you want it to look remotely like a duffle at the bottom you have to put cardboard to even it out. :smash: booo. bad choice on my part
  4. I have the villager in the retired apple green. It makes for a great beach bag; lots of inside pockets for sunscreen, etc.


    Two thumbs up for this style!
  5. I'm so sorry in advance...

    But every time I see one of these bags I absolutely double over with nausea and pain, wondering where the fashion police are.

    Honestly, ladies, these really are granny bags that look tacky on EVERY PERSON I SEE WITH THEM.

    I beg you to spend your money on something that isn't a fashion nightmare...

    If I've offended anyone, I hope you'll take your anger out and buy yourself a Gucci...
  6. ^ Edith, you don't have to like them, but why nag on those who might want to order something from this sale? These forums aren't just for pushing expensive bags. Cheaper bags have their place (sorry, but a Gucci at the beach? no thanks), and everyone has different tastes.
  7. no one asked your opinion. if you don't like the bag mentioned in the topic line, don't click. simple as that.


    frankly, i'd rather tote a plastic grocery bag to the beach than look like a tool toting a gucci in the sand.
  8. Not everyone can afford a Gucci; especially as a beach tote. Also, when someone has two children under the age of 6, it is nice to have a bag that you can just throw sunscreen, juice boxes, etc. in.

    This is a very friendly supportive site; :smile: everyone has different tastes and I know that if I do not like a bag, unless I ASK for an opinion, I keep my mouth shut. Please do not be offended but if you keep this attitude up, PF members will not be so receptive to you.

    I am not trying to stir up trouble, I am just giving some friendly advice.
  9. I am having a crappy morning. Thank you so much for the laugh!! :roflmfao:
  10. Vera Bradley bags are VERY durable. I have a few of the totes for work and love them. I also love their wallets--especially if carrying a larger, leather purse that already weighs a ton! The bags are very lightweight, stitching is impecable, and you can wash them in the washing machine. I've washed all of mine and they are still beautiful.
  11. Just an FYI, the Hallmark stores that carry VB's around here always have the retiring bags at 30% off.

    I really like the citrius ones. I'm going to miss that elephant :sad:
  12. I already got the one I ordered this weekend. It's the Villager and I'm very happy with it! It's my first VB bag, it looks very well made and has tons of pockets, plus a removable hard base for the bottom. It came so fast! Definitely happy with my purchase. :tup:
  13. ^^ I can't wait to go to the mall to get my coin purse...
    The handbags aren't that practical for me, but I am in desperate need of a coin holder...and their regular price is only $14!!!! What a STEAL!
    I'm glad I'm not the only VB lover on tPF! :heart:
  14. Thanks for the tip! I have a few Vera Bradley bags and have found them very useful for travel and for weekend use. The Villager is great. Note to fellow tPFers, the size and shape of the Garment Bag is somewhat awkward.
  15. ^^ Oh the Villager is GORGEOUS! Girls at my high school use it as a tote bag for their books... VERY cute! I may get that