Vera Bradley Fans

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    Anyone else out there still buying Vera Bradley Bags? This is a Vera Bradley Tote - Medallion print. I just love it!! :heart: Anyone else out there?
  2. I have a small clutch in pinks and greens made out of silk. It's so cute for summer and matches a pair of pink suede shoes I have perfectly. :flowers:
  3. Cute bag!
  4. I have never been big on Vera Bradley(mainly b/c almost every other person where I live has one), but this bag is actually cute.
  5. oh, that is a cute bag...
  6. Cute!

    I actually really love Vera Bradley. I think they are extremely versatile and I actually don't mind so much that everyone here in DC has them. Personally, I take the Metro everyday, and I'd like to try and blend in so as not to be a target (I've had my wallet stolen on rail systems before).

    I just got the Classic Black bowler, "handbag", and large cosmetic bag. I actually use the large cosmetic bag as kind of a "purseket". It's so big that I just transfer all my things from one bag to the next with it.
  7. I am a recently obsessed Vera fan! I think there's always that one pattern that turns a girl around. I hated them up until 2 weeks ago when a co-worker came in carrying a Windsor Navy Tie Tote. That pattern just screamed to me and I went out and filled up on Vera that evening. I had always thought they were so ugly and that they looked like grandma bags but some patterns are just classy and I love them now! I like that I don't have to worry about getting them dirty either because you can just toss them in the wash! You can't beat that.
  8. I have tons of duffle bags I use for traveling. I have bought a couple of purses, but ended up never using them after about a week! VB is still very preppy amongst the yuppies!!!
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