Vera Bradley Beach Tote!

  1. I know not a lot of you gals are big Vera fans. My love has died down abit but as I was looking for a CUTE straw tote to take on my honeymoon to the bahamas I came across Vera's new straw tote in Peacock and just think it's TOO CUTE. I just wanted to share and also wondered if anyone actually had one to see what they thought of it? :yahoo: I'm so excited! I've never seen a beach before! I wanna make sure I look uber cute when I'm there and a cute bag is a plus! If you gals can suggest other beach bags I'd really like to see! I can't decide! - Vera Bradley - Beach&
  2. That tote IS super cute!! And seems perfect for the beach!! :nuts:
  3. That is really cute!
  4. It's cute!
  5. love it...they did awesome with the new colors!
  6. Cute beach tote!!!
  7. perfect! enjoy your honeymoon!