Vera Bradley Bags: Yay or Nay?

  1. How do you feel about them? I was talking to a friend the other day who said that they appear cheap and that she doesn't understand the Vera Bradley craze that seems to have swept the town. I can't tell you HOW many girls and women in my city that have a Vera Bradley bag. From the teenagers to the elderly ladies, they have such a wide appeal! So I was wondering what you girls think of them.

    I know that they aren't designer bags, but I still find some of them to be adorable! I especially like the tote bag in hope toile, and I also like the makeup/pencil pouch in the pattern called citrus. I consider it a guilty pleasure of mine *shh* :sweatdrop: So if you like them, what initially drew you to them? And to those who concurr and don't like them, why not? I attached some pics if that can help enlighten the nonbelievers. :wlae:
    4067_1.jpg littletoggletote_hopetoile.jpg Vera-Bradley-Citrus-Brush_6B3591B6.jpg
  2. I love them. I have a bucket tote (retired style) can't remember the name of the color - - think it is retired as well and a big travel duffle in jave blue that I love. I believe you can still love a bag that isn't "designer".
  3. I think it's fine for school/college but not outside of it. I have one although I find I wear my herve chapelier for school more since it matches more.

    I like the pink pattern you posted. I have a java blue messenger. It does have a lot of compartments in the bag which is nice but too much of a hassle to me so I chuck everything into my herve with a bottomless tote lol
  4. I do like the Vera bags although for myself personally I've tired of them. As a crafty-sewing-kind-of-person I started sewing bags like this for myself back when I was in my '20s. Although they were not as nice as Vera Bradley. Then I started buying them when they came on the market. After years of carrying Vera Bradley-esque bags almost exclusively I finally tired of them and tossed out my whole collection. Someone at St. Vinny's must have been very happy. I prefer sleeker leather bags these days. But who knows, someday I may go back to carrying quilted bags.

    Since Vera Bradley moved their manufacturing from the U.S. to China it seems like the bags have been looking a bit cheaper than in the past. And the fabric prints aren't quite as vibrant as they used to be.

    One thing I don't like about these quilted bags is that the fabric handles seem to get dirty and gnarly pretty quick. Although you can just toss them in the wash machine.
  5. I don't like them just because everyone has one, I prefer a bag that's a little more unique. And, like yourself, I never really understood the appeal.
  6. I have that Hope Toile tote you have pictured there...I haven't worn it for a long time, but I still like the bags. They are awesome for summer casual days. I like seeing others wearing them too! I'd say go for it if you like it. Don't worry what any of us It's all in what you like!:yes:
  7. And as for what drew me to them...I'm not even going to lie. I got one beause at the time, everyone at my college had one. :push:
  8. I think I'd leave them to the kids or offense to those who like but a bit too casual or cutesy for my taste.
  9. I am sick of them. They are EVERYWHERE around here! Schoolgirls, grannies, and everyone in between carries Vera Freakin Bradley! It's sooooo boring.
  10. I really dislike them and I'll be happy when the trend dies down and all the florals and paisley go away! I'm a recovering Tokidoki addict, so I can't say I'm against brightly colored bags; but there's something about the color combinations (as well as prints) that I don't like. I wish the majority of VB owners would actually wash their easily washable bags -- I see so many dirty ones.

    Vera Bradley feels like suburban/country style to me, and this city girl is just not in the target demographic. :p
  11. I had never seen them until I moved to the east coast for grad school. I can now say I do own a few and I like them. They are good for when I need to carry a lot of things as the versions i have can hold a ton of stuff. When i do buy them I usually get them on eBay as they are cheaper there.
  12. I'm really tired of them too. Everyone and their mother has them.
  13. NAY! Pierre Deux copies IMO.
  14. I used to have them, and i'm currently working on selling off the last of my collection. They're very's nice that you can wash them if they get dirty.

    I'm not going to use them as regular handbags anymore, but i'll definitely pick up a few duffel bags and a LARGE tote for travel purposes.
  15. Oh, definitely not for me. But I do see a lot of women wearing them.