Vera Bradley anyone?

  1. I have had nothing but Coach and Dooney for the past 2 years, but the Vera Bradley had really caught my eye. I just think they are cute for summertime and also for moms. I keep looking at the website trying to decide how much I like them. Any suggestions or opinions?
  2. I have there ... I think its the bowler bag and I have a zip around check wallet in the java blue (??)

    I love the bags :love:
  3. I love vera bradley...the patterns are fun and they are very affordable compared to most handbags! I still love my nice leather handbags more, but Vera is cute and I have 3 purses, I luggage type bag and some accessories!
  4. I love vera bradley! I still love my LV, Kooba, and Botiker, but Vera Bradley is a nice change. I have 2 handbags, a tote I use for work, a large duffel, and makeup travel case. Oh yeah--I almost forgot I have a few wallets. The wallets are wonderful since they add no weight at all to your handbag.
  5. I have several VB accessories also for this very reason! :heart:
  6. I have to admit that I don't like them but that said, I do own the largest style tote with zipper which I use when I travel. It's large enough for a travel pillow, bottle of water, book, magazines, my Chameleon filled with all my regular stuff without adding any extra weight and fits nicely under the airplane seat. I guess you could say that I am not in love with the way they look but I do love their usefulness!
  7. I saw a teen at the airport today with what looked like a vera bradley. However, the pattern was not on the VB website the style was the VILLAGER Bag and the pattern was brown with bright flowers. Has anyone seen this is it maybe a discontinued style or was it a fake of some sort(i am not very familiar with VB). It was such a pretty bag. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out.
  8. mine is brown and blue pattern but I don't know what it's called. the bag you are describing sounds pretty.
  9. The maggie is a great little shoulder bag with two outside pockets and two inside. The betsy is a wonderful tote.
  10. I use VB to travel with...I have a large Duffle and Villager. They are really great - a nice change from all the standard carry ons.
  11. personally, m not a fan of her bags. maybe it is just coming from a climate where u wear a winter coat 8 months a yr, but they just arent my style at all.
  12. I have two VB Villagers, and they are great totes. Especially for summer, but I also have the Java Blue which I think would be appropriate during colder times. I don't care if a lot of people hate them, I think they serve a purpose for many of us. I could definitely see using one as a diaper bag, too. I've been using my Villager to take out on boats and it holds so many essentials for a day out in the sun.
  13. I think they're great bags. I have 2 totes that I use when going to a pool or the beach.
  14. Vera Bradley is very popular where I live.

    I'm not too fond of it but I do have a large duffel bag that comes in handy every now and then!

    And I have seen some fake Vera's....blech LOL.
  15. I think some of her designs are cute and very durable. I stuffed a VB duffel bag to the brim and the seams held perfectly despite my careless throwing around of it! (I'm just 21 so it's not only for moms!)