Venturing out of Balenciaga...should I get a Blanc Paddy or Cognac Spy?


Blanc Paddy or Cognac Spy ?

  1. Blanc Paddington

  2. Cognac Spy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. A few of you know my style. Sort of a cross between casual gramma vintage (Kirsten Dunst) and glammy vintage which is now known as Rachel Zoe (gag, yes, even I know) . But I also wear a lot of American Apparel shirts with jeans and Chuck Taylor's...a lot (kid friendly)

    I really think both of these bag styles are great, and while I wait for my seemingly elusive Rouge and Pistachio's to arrive I need to give myself a quick shot of bag drug

    Cognac Spy
    Blanc Paddy

    Please vote?
  2. 3 votes for cognac spy:yes: :heart: :yes:
  3. for the style ur describing, probably the paddy!
  4. I voted for the spy, but based on your style, I agree with Fayden, Paddy sounds like your bag. :smile:
  5. Because of your style and because I have one, my vote is for the blanc paddy.
  6. Spy without a doubt
  7. Paddy for your style :smile:
  8. I voted paddy too. If you have doubts, maybe you should consider a less fragile colour? I wouldnt think the blanc is very kid-friendly... but truly gorgeous!!!
  9. get the paddy....
  10. I vote for the paddy! But I'm not a spy fan at all so I don't know if my opinion really counts then :smile:
  11. ummm can't you get both? :lol: I love them both!!! :shame: Uh oh tough one... Though I personally lean a little (just very very very slightly) towards the cognac spy - I'd have to agree with everyone else that the paddy would be more you :yes:
  12. I am in the same boat. I have major paddy fever- so I have to vote for the paddy!
  13. Although it's heavy, I would say paddy for your style.
  14. Ohhhhh, thanks girls!
    I'm not too worried about my kids and the bag. I trained them early on about hands being clean before touching things, so it's second nature to them now to have clean hands. Plus, they don't play with my things! I definetely am interested in the Paddy just for the blanc.

    I'm excited! the only problem is that Paddy's are so expensive here. I'm going to have to dreg through eBay and post a bunch for authenticity in the Chloe thread.
    BalenciagaLove was amazing and sent me photo's of her paddy, the font, hardware etc so I could compare. Thank you so much again.
    And thank to everyone who is voting and leaving a comment ;)
  15. Dude, I have a quilted venetia. I swear, it's 15 pounds empty!