1. sorry but i have to vent, im so upset right now - now that finally found a good jimmy choo bag i could affort and i was hoping to hear some response from you jc experts to see if it was auth and what do i see right now when i went in to eBay to check the auction.... a tpf member from the jc forum bought it.... how selfish of all of you that could not tell another member if it was authentic or not just because YOU wanted it. So Im done here and with all, afterall women will always be women and will always be selfish,jealous, etc. - oh and if i get ban oh well
  2. Sorry - I did not know you had wanted it, and did not read your authenticity request. Your accusation that I intentionally would not tell someone it was authentic in order to prevent someone else from bidding on it is completely unfounded.

    If you want a great burgundy Ring bag, there was one that just ended and didn't get a bid at $799. Perhaps if you email the seller, she will relist with a lower price and a BIN for you. It was item #180170125120.
  3. iwant2takeanap, I understand your frustration. One of the issues with the JC forum is that there aren't as many people that post here on a regular basis like some of the subforums such as LV, Chanel, and Balenciaga. There are even fewer people that have the ability to authenticate JC bags, and usually those members can only vouch for the more well known styles (I like JC, but I can't authenticate this brand).

    I don't think that anyone would intentionally try to avoid authenticating to eliminate competition. I hope you will continue to come around.
  4. So sorry. I do not know that bag well enough to say. That style is more difficult. Sometimes you have to contact the seller and ask lots of questions. I have been burned several times on e-bay, but have gotten my money back because I have asked lots of questions and kept the replies and then sent them to paypal.
    There is a cute silver and pink ciggy that I think looks real for $399. There is also a really hot beige suede with silver cutouts that comes with a matching wallet for $599. I don't think this bag was copied. That is a great deal!
    We are all constantly scouting e-bay for good deals and if we see them we usually pounce or I will announce it here if I'm not interested.
  5. iwant2takeanap, I'm sure you're frustrated at having lost the bag but there is no way Jburgh would deliberately not authenticate a bag to keep someone else from getting it. Lucy is definitely one of the good guys! :tup:

    I myself rarely read the authenticate thread because I don't have the expertise to authenticate bags. So I too could very well unknowingly end up going for a bag on eBay that someone else may ask about. :shrugs:

    Also, you have to remember that it is very unlikely that there is an authentic bag on eBay that none of us don't already know about on the day it's listed. So any one of us could have a bag already bookmarked and then later see that someone else is asking to have it authenticated. If that happened to me, if I had a bag bookmarked (I'm a last second bidder) and then saw someone ask about it, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to then pass it up because technically I woud have seen it first anyway! :p

    There will be other bags, and that burgundy Ring bag that didn't sell for $799 IS a gorgeous bag! Maybe you could offer the seller $700 and get a great deal! It's also a more functional bag if you're looking for an every day bag. :okay:

    I hope you don't leave the forum, I always enjoy reading your posts! :yes:
  6. why this does not surprise me? iwant2takeanap - remember the women cannot see past our jealousy!! I too was banned from this forum because supposly ALL my bags were FAKE!! :lol: or they were "questionable" - I did contact a "member" to advised her that I was selling them and if she new someone that might be interested to tell them to contact me. And what do I get she reported me when she could have just tell me to stop pm her. This is a waste of time honestly. Megs & Vlad had created a great place to discuss our addictions but for a few bad apples everything goes go hell!!

    Oh one more thing. If you were so sure I had fake bags then why is it that you went and purchased it from me. Now you cant admitted where you got it from even thought you know is not fake and you got a super deal on it.
  7. iwant2takeanap, I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but I highly doubt that it was done intentionally. I post on this forum every once in awhile, and whenever I do, the people have been nothing but helpful. They are not forced to help anyone, but they do because they don't want us getting scammed into buying a fake. In life, you win some and you lose some, thats just how it goes. You shouldn't take it personally.
  8. I completely agree:yes:
  9. Ummkay! I don't know what happened with all this situation. But I rarely check the auth section for JC.

    Besides, IMO ebay is fair game. It's an auction. The one who has the quickest sniper or highest bid wins. There are no dibs on ebay unless there is a BIN.
  10. Ummm....Wow...:confused1:
  11. You go away for a few weeks and look what happens...LOL!:hysteric: