Venting.....why I hate some small dog breeders

  1. So, during my search for a sister to my Chi, I was horrified by so many Chihuahua and Yorkie breeders. Now it is not just the "teacup" dogs, but now these unscrupulous money grubbing horrible people who call themselves "breeders" have POCKETBOOK puppies for $5000 instead of the "normal" $1200-$2000 for a "teacup" dog in which there is NO SUCH THING. These poor "pocketbook" dogs are sold for $5000 and usually are victims of illness, degenerative defects, broken bones, or even just their own teeny tiny bodies failing them.

    It makes me want to throw up because these stupid "Breeders" have on their webpage things like "We have sold 39 puppies to Hollywood celebrities" and they dress up the pups so they look super cute (which they are cute) and sell them to have the dog most likely not live past five. I love dogs so much and I just had to vent that these people make me nauseated and sad.
  2. Yeah, its insane how lil dogs are the new ''it'' things.
  3. AGREED! See our story below. Einey's tiny bones just are too fragile to heal properly. The plate that he has in his leg is right below where I think his latest break happened today. We're facing surgery #5 with Einey. It's inhumane and these people should be punished.
  4. that makes me sick that people do that. it's really sad.
  5. Very sad.
  6. kristie - I agree with you. I can't stand when these breeders sell these extra small dogs. This is not healthy at all & these poor little dogs get so sick & don't live very long :sad:. I just saw today that a breeder is selling "teacup" chihuahuas...they look soooo unhealthy.
  7. That is so sad. Pocketbook size, that is ridiculous. I have 2 chi's and was thinking of getting another but all I could find were breeders selling "teacups" or as one person said in their ad "handbag size". We finally gave up and got a really cute jack russel.
  8. OMG!!! I totally agree!!! When I got my bundles he was soo sick hypoglycemia, sezures,not eating drinking, and then he was sick with infetions, his hair was literally falling out:crybaby:, those people Freaking disgust me!! It really is horrible like they treat them like they are not living things.
  9. It makes me sick! A man and his creepy mother were in the Holistic dog store I shop in about a week ago, and he was walking around passing out advice like he was godlike. He "breeds" chihuahuas and was carrying in his arms a Chi that looked like it barely weighed 2-3lbs. Apparently, ALL of his bred Chihuahuas are that size :censor: What's worse, I heard him loudly rambling on to the store owner about having his 4 youngest Chihuahuas spayed/neutered holistically, to avoid use of anesthetics...I hope that doesn't mean what it sounds like it means. I wanted to punch the guy, especially when I went to ask the store owner a question and he just ran over to voice his unwanted opinion. I ignored the loser.
  10. ^ewww

    Kristie--I completely agree with you...I HATE the whole 'teacup' BS...

    These kind of breeders are almost/just as bad as the puppymill breeders IMHO. :sad:
  11. I really have empathy for those of you with dogs bred too small. I'm a vet, and have refused to do work anymore for several breeders who insist on carrying on traits like open fontenelles, luxating patellas (poor knees) cardiac defects and various other problems. I'm glad I wasn't in the store with the holistic breeder; I would have whapped him with my fancy purse! I hope Einey can get a good plate-you'd be amazed how tiny those plates and screws come! BUT-Like DQ, I have an Aussie with three legs, and he does very well (front amputation) Best of luck to you.
  12. When I bought my baby I had no idea about puppy mills and didnt really research breeders. The place I bought mine from had lots of puppys that were inside the main house ( I didnt go in there) and they had the older ones out side in big pens, they looked like they had ample room and were clean.

    But it was kinda of creepy bc it was kinda run down and in the middle of nowhere in central Texas outside Waco.

    I am not sure if it was a puppy mill, but it makes me sad to think that maybe just maybe it was. The lady was super nice and even said that I could return her if she was sick and to please notify her so that she could make sure the other puppies werent. Luckly my baby is healthy.

  13. Good for you!:yes:I wish more vets would take proactive roles in trying to curb irresponsible breeders.
  14. i did not know about this.. i dont think i have ever seen any of those little poor dogs.... i've seen chihuahas but nothing smaller than that.... are you friking kidding me?? those people are mean!!
  15. this is so sad. poor puppies.