VENTING: Why do people bid with no intentions to pay?

  1. so i hope i am not alone in this (and from what i have read on some threads, i am not alone) -- but i have to vent and ask: Why do people bid on an item and NOT PAY? :cursing:

    the passed 5 days alone, i have sold 2 items and the buyers have not paid or replied back to any of my emails. Why the heck would they even bid if they have no intentions of paying?? They will get poor feedback (which it doesn't seem like they care) and in the process they are wasting my time and money in fees.

    Any theory why the heck people do this?? i'm so frustrated and just ready to give up on eBay.
  2. They won't get poor fb, as sellers can't leave buyers anything but positives, now.

    They might get NPB strikes, though. :yes:

    I have no idea why people do it? I think, sometimes, it's for legitimate reasons but, obviously, not always.
  3. wow i didnt even know you couldnt leave neg. feedback any longer for a buyer?? really??? i was SO looking forward to it.

    when my first item didnt get a payment i was annoyed, but thought 'ok this is a one off deal'..... but 2 items in one week? i only sell on eBay every few months! errr

    now i need to start thinking of what site i will use now :sad: i just wanted it to be easy and eBay is just killing me
  4. I know it is frustrating, but do not let a couple people get you down. I sell fairly often and go through the same things. As chloe said sometimes it is for legit reasons, but I had a bidder that didn't pay and I think she just loves the thrill of the chase. She bids, but then doesn't pay. I am sorry you are going through this. Make sure you give them a strike.
  5. I don't understand this either. You have to PAY before the item is SENT. It's not like you can bid and the seller sends you the item. Bidding doesn't mean you paid. There are a lot of items I'd like on eBay but if I know I can't afford it, I wouldn't bid.

  6. Yes, sorry. :sad:

    I think if someone contacts a seller, with what seems to be a valid reason and is really apologetic and willing to do a mutual cancellation, that's one thing; as life happens and things can go wrong (especially in this economy!).

    But to just think one doesn't have to bother, anymore, because one can't receive a neg, is completely unfair. :tdown:

    Of course, as it's only been 5 days, so far, they may still intend to pay - until recently, a buyer had 7 days to pay, before the seller could commence the NPB procedure, after all.
  7. you are so right. I will keep waiting a few days longer. I think communication is the key to everything - esp. ebay. I would totally understand if one of my buyers would just tell me they need a few more days, and i totally would understand. but when they don't email back ....errr

  8. Perhaps you might want to consider a Buy It Now option and use the Immediate Payment Required feature. Just be sure to price your item accordingly- straight BIN items have higher Final Value Fees. I have been adding the BIN option to my auctions and checking the Immediate Payment Required box on the Auctiva listing. That way the FVF are less. So far it has worked.
  9. ^ That's a great idea! Immediate payment will stop a NPB in their tracks!
  10. I do notice that this is a million times worse since ebay made it impossible for buyers to receive negative or neutral feedback. I just had a zero feedback user (who just signed up that day) bid at the last second outbidding someone with established feedback and now refuses to contact me or pay. They are now NARU. :tdown: So sick of people like this.
  11. It seems like whenever this has happened to me, payment all of a sudden shows up on Friday (payday for a lot of people). Most sellers wouldn't have a problem waiting 'til payday, especially if the buyer emails and asks, but they never do. Possibly embarrassment.
  12. That's exactly what happened to me!!!! is it a scam? people trying to turn us off to Ebay?? i had a brand new Ebayer bid on my item last minute and then disappearing on me. WTH!

    i love the idea of BIN. I will do that! Thanks!

  13. IPR is so wonderful I am amazed Ebay still lets us have it IYKWIM! LOL!
    Just be careful to price the item where you will be happy after Ebay takes out their fees.
    Am I allowed to post the Ebay link to the fees?
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    I know. :sad:

    Yes, I'd probably leave it just a little bit longer, if I were you...

    Although, I'd probably email them now, one more time, stating politely that I totally understood that they might be very busy and that I also knew, as per eBay rules, that buyers used to have 7 days to pay; so I did understand if they still thought that that was the case and would be happy to wait that long, on this occasion. But that, actually, it isn't the case, anymore and I really would need to receive payment within the next 48 hours, otherwise I would have to begin the NPB procedure.

    The reason I would explain it all to them, is that I wouldn't want them to think I was the officious type that would file a NPB the very moment I was able to (and also, in an attempt to prevent this from happening again, to someone else).

  15. Yes, don't see why not? :biggrin: