venting! no sympathy for arrogant a@# who left his job

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  1. I am not sure if this should be in the money forum or somewhere else but I just want to vent a little.

    I know many have been affected by the bad economy and things can be rough out there, but have you just run out of sympathy for some bad apples who really don't deserve the job they had to begin with?

    there is an assistant person at work who was laid off because he was already having performance problems and had least seniority anyway. this assistant immigrated from white collar job(s) in another country and so had substantial enough savings to buy a house and have another child. the other assistants don't seem to realize that, they pressured the manager to give this guy his job back when an opening came up.

    So they rehire the dud and well, he's arrogant and rude and makes mistakes all the time which affects the safety of our patients and stresses me out in particular since he's my assistant most of the time. He does this every day for at least 9 months and just brushes off his mistakes like so what, stop picking on me. Finally enough people complain that he got warned, he starts painting himself as this 'victim' to the other assistants and then finally quits the job.

    Now all the assistants are upset again because "well he's got a family" and quit his job. He wasn't living off just the assistant salary anyway like I said. I think he should have been fired long ago, just because he has a family doesn't automatically mean this arrogant guy who constantly made mistakes without improvement "deserves" a job! As a woman I find this attitude especially disgusting:cursing:
  2. He got a second chance and blew it. Things will calm down in a while. Sorry you had to deal with him!
  3. So, he quit his job, but this makes the other assistants upset?
  4. ^^ yea i find that odd as well. i don't understand why they care so much.

    but op, at least you got what you wanted, he's gone and can't make your job miserable! :smile:
  5. they care because he's been telling them how he was persecuted by management over making "one mistake" and God knows what other BS. The assistants are nice but rather lower-tiered position staff who haven't got a lot of professional experience or extensive education, if that makes sense.
  6. It also makes people at the same position more accountable and they may feel singled out/pressured bc of this. IMO anybody who jeopardizes pt safety (sounds like we are talking healthcare here) shouldn't be allowed to keep their position esp if they are not accountable to their mistakes and therefore unwilling to change their practice.
  7. Ugh, I would agree with you plus he's being warned. No sympathy from me. There are thousands who would kill for his job-give it to someone who deserves it I say.
  8. ITA. I am only four years out of college and I already have had with the sense of entitlement and laissez-faire attitude so many seem to have. There are definitely more deserving people out there!
  9. he gopt what coming ot him...
  10. Is it possible to call a "team meeting" to give everyone a chance to vent and clear the air. Sounds like a hostile situation and it can't go on forever.

    Maybe the other assistants should stop worrying about the guy and his family and be thankful that they are still there.