Venting....New Ebayers

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  1. Guys I am so furstrated that i want to scream. I am so tired of new ebayers (usually with 0 feedback) running up auction prices needlessly from bidding too early.

    The past 3 bags that i have been watching all ended up being overpriced because a new ebayer gets into a bidding frenzy days and days before the auction ends.

    Am I the only one who has noticed this problem? Don't most of us KNOW not to bid too early because it may start a bidding war and drive up the price.

    I really just got pissed when I saw an LV that I've been watching that has like 5 more days to go --it went from like 100.000 all the way up to nearly 400.00 in minutes because some new ebayers were trying to outbid each other too early!!!!!!!

    With 5 more days left to go I KNOW te bag is going to go for exactly what its worth in the store or more.....then what's the point of buying off ebay. I could just go to the fricking store if i wanted to pay retail. :evil:

    Thanks for letting me vent. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
  2. I support you!
  3. I wish some of these would bid on my auctions then! But yes, if you have been using eBay for more than five minutes you generally know that no one bids until the last moment.
  4. Sometimes they have other accounts or friends bid on their items for them.
  5. He he..for the sellers, this is what they like I am sure. Buy yea for the buyers and for someone that knows what's going on, you probably would feel :sick: to see these people bidding too early. But whose to say and from someone like me whom have never buy stuffs from ebay, I don't really know too much anything about ebay except just looking. Yeah you husband told me the same thing about not too bid too earlier or wait for the last minutes or so for bidding.
  6. I know exactly what you mean that's why I prefer auctions with the BIN option.
    Most sellers want to get the highest price possible for their items and will use what I deem to be underhanded tactics to drive up the price.Mutiple ID's ,family members,friends ,etc.
  7. I'm not sure what your expectations are. Why shouldn't you expect to pay what an item is worth on ebay? Yes, items will usually sell at some discount--because of authenticity questions, lack of ability to return, etc., but, with the exception, it seems of used Prada, many high end handbags hold a fair amount of their value (LV, Balenciaga). If you get tired of your handbag eventually and want to sell it, don't you want a venue that enables you to get a fair price for it in turn?
  8. In my opinion ebay is useless to me if an item that I'm watching ends up going for the exact retail price or more. I could just as well walk into my local boutique and buy it brand new instead. That's my point.

    Now if its a rare or discontinued item then that's different. But I'm talking about regular bags that are still in production.

    I never even thought about sellers using other people to drive up the bids on their items. That's evil. Some people think of everything.
  9. I know! :evil: After I have them being watched in my ebay for a couple of days, I will delete them. I understand what you are feeling exactly! :sad:
  10. I hate when I'm the highest bidder, then outta no where, in the last second I get outbid. Sigh..
  11. I know, that's what I do, it makes me so annoyed. What are these people thinking? :weird:
  12. I remember wanting to buy a josef doll off of ebay and placed a bid after someone and she started a bidding war. Everytime someone would bid she'd bid higher. I couldn't help but feel, though, she was one someone related to the auction and my mom agreed. After she first out bid me and i saw the bidding war she started, I found another one.
  13. I totally understand! It's really annoying, but sometimes, you just have to pass it up and keep looking.
  14. I typically wait until the last few moments to place my eBay bids, however, I've been burned that way by sellers who end their auction early to sell to the current bidder and also by those who pull the listing down before it has any bids. I guess there really isn't a best way to go on eBay since you can never anticipate what other buyers or even sellers will do.
  15. OMG YES. Somebody is driving up the price of the Chanel I want right now. Hasn't anyone heard of!