Venting...nasty eBayers

  1. I just sold a NM gift card on eBay for $1000. The value of the card was around $1050. When I logged into my e-mail account this morning, I noticed that someone had sent me a question prior to the GC being purchased. It said - "I think you are joking with the price of this gift card. If you are selling it for $900 or less, contact me. Otherwise, good luck."

    Since the card sold, clearly, it wasn't a ridiculous price to set my card. Also, I researched eBay before I posted the auction, and the most that some cards had sold for was $450-$460 for a $500 value. I really thought that $1000 for something a little over $1050 was very fair. Why should I set my card at a much lower value? There are eBay and Paypal fees to consider - I am losing over $65 with it. So, after the fees, I am pocketing $935 minus the shipping fees (I am using registered mail). I am going to be losing around $140 for selling the card.

    And, after that kind of e-mail, did they really think that I would consider selling to them? Why do I feel like I have to justify something that I am selling? It's a lot of money to lose when I could have just kept it...but my FI was encouraging me to sell it and save the money towards our wedding.

    Thanks for letting me vent...people like that are the reason why I don't sell on eBay.
  2. Just delete the email and move on, don't give that loser another thought!
    Have a great day!
  3. And block the person from your auction
  4. This is why I sell stuff thru a "selling assistant"- I don't want to deal with the rude buyers & the do-do's.
  5. Yeah, a lot of people are jerks. They don't seem to understand that we have to pay FEES to sell stuff, and that eBay really and truly is not a garage sale where you can get something for nothing.
    I have a similar story...
    The past few days, I have been getting all these emails from one person complaining about the price of a leather notebook I have for sale. First, they offered $100 for a $265 item, which of course I declined. Then they offered $125. Surprise, I declined that too (acutally I counter offered for like $10 less than I had it listed at, LOL). Then they emailed me like 5 times to b&tch and moan at me. Their complaint is that the maker of the notebook has some colors for sale on their own website for $60 less than I am asking. So I emailed back and was like, hey, if they will ship to you (they only ship to certain places), AND they have the color you want in stock AND you feel like paying sales tax plus really expensive shipping, then by all means go buy it from them.

    Naturally I also blocked them. That's really all you can do in cases like this. Accept that they're who they are, and move on.
  6. Don't let a buyer like that get to you. People all want something for nothing, but they don't realize that quality items come at a quality price. I didn't realize the crapshoot that is ebay selling fees until I sold my first big ticket item. I'm of the persuasion that there should be an online etiquette tutorial required for anyone to join ebay.
  7. there are some rude people in the world, and being behind and computer screen makes it easier. I would write back and say, "I'm sorry, the item you inquired about sold already...FOR $1000!!!!!!" Ugh!
  8. I kept getting rediculous offers on my patchwork purse I was selling, and one person told me I would never get the BIN price just sell it to them....that same night it sold (actually before I responded to the their last offer) at the BIN. You know they are watching.....I was able to grin to myself, kinda like a big haha!

    I don't respond to people like that, if they don't like the price they can move on!
  9. Thanks for supporting me...

    To add more drama to the saga...

    I got an e-mail from eBay saying that they canceled my auction for the GC because it violated eBay policy. Apparently, you can only sell a GC for up to $500, and can only sell one GC per week. I had NO idea that there was a limitation.

    The thing that confuses me is that the buyer has already paid me and I had initiated the money withdrawal from Paypal BEFORE I got eBay's e-mail. I immediately e-mailed the buyer asking what they wanted me to do - whether they wanted me to refund the money or simply send the GC since they had already paid for it.

    I'm not sure what to do. Do you guys think that I should send the buyer the GC if they said that they want it still? Or, is that too risky?
  10. Never dealt with gift cards so I didn't know that....interesting. I am not sure what I would do...
  11. That's really stupid. I mean come on, like you're going to take a $150 hit off of that gift card. And obviously, like you said, if it sold, then not everyone thought it was a bad deal. Just another person who wants something for virtually nothing.
  12. That stinks! I guess you should wait to hear from the buyer. I didn't know that about GCs either. I had one I wanted to sell too! Urgh!
  13. I guess since Ebay has told you not to complete the transaction you shouldn't - the buyer could have their money refunded through Ebay and you'll be out the money and the card. I'd just refund. Can't you ask NM to split the card into two or three for you?
  14. whoa.. the email sent to you was insane..

    asking politely, may be acceptable, but the tone of the email, saying "joking" and all is too much..

    i guess it's okay to still go through with the transaction if both of you agree to it. make sure you have proper documentation when sending it, so you are not responsible for lost items..
  15. Personally - If the buyer says to go ahead and send the card I would... I have made a purchase and paid - because I am one of those instant payers - and like 2 days later got notice from Ebay about the auction being cancelled. Well after a phone call turns out it was pulled due to listing violation by the seller. I wanted the bag and know it was authentic and contacted the seller and they responded that it had already been shipped to me. I think ebay is a day late and a dollar short on responding to THEIR emails... I imagine someone turned in the listing because the seller had indicated by name brand the OTHER bags they were selling at the bottom of the listing and Ebay finally caught up and the auction was already over. I say if the buyer wants it send it. Ebay wont follow up---how can they?!? Listing is already removed! JMO