venting: hair loss...

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  1. love all my kids, really don't mind doing the whole thing again but


    I have bald patches all along my hairline, never mind having to vacuum the WHOLE house twice a day....

    anyone else having the same problem?
  2. No, I never experienced any hair loss. Sorry lara - I hope that it gets better soon:yes:
  3. Yes, but it got a lot better as time went on. It was very frustrating, though I have a lot of thick hair so it looked okay. I felt like my hair was "shedding" in a sense after the hormonal change... It went back to normal after 6 months or so.
  4. hormonal ... hope you will be better soon ...

    for me, it is pimples after giving birth ....
  5. The hair loss is so annoying! Mine continued for 9 months or so!

    I also have acne on my arms now which is so weird. So far nothing I've used has helped them.
  6. I lost a lot of hair after my little one was born, it came out in what seemed like handfuls every time I washed it. It lasted about 7 months. Fortunately I have a lot of fair hair so it wasn't noticeable and I didn't have any bald patches. Seems to be back to normal now.
  7. thanks - it always does but right now I feel like a dog shedding its hair everywhere. my hubby was 'kind' enough to inform me that from the back it also looks like I don't have much hair... :rolleyes:
  8. lucky you, that is great - I already have fine hair so now i just have obvious balding patches. shedding is exactly what is happening...
  9. :yes: .. i could vacuum all the time... sorry it took so long.
  10. yeah, it got back to normal after the first two as well. to clarify, not bald as in no hair at all but very reduced hair so you can see the scalp through, :yucky:
  11. Yeah it was so frustrating, even though my hair looked "okay" it looked limp and had a weird texture to it which made it extremely hard to style. I had to use a flat iron every day, and sometimes used clip on hair extension to add fullness when going out. I think it was also resistent to hair color for a while, it refused to soak up any hair color for about 2 years. I just got done getting my hair colored a week ago, it turned out perfectly! And it is back to my normal hair texture, yay. We are currently trying for #2... And this thread is reminding me what awaits me down the road, lol!
  12. YES YES YES!! Mine returned to normal about 6 months after! I have also had stick straight hair my whole life, now I have random waves here and there which activate whenever the slightest level of humidity occurs. I swear giving birth is like a science project!
  13. I actually had a bald patch a size of a big coin a yr or so after the baby due to the non stop hair loss, it was really freaky and heartbreaking since I had always always thick hair. I'm preggy again, so hair is back to thick for now, also not looking forward to the hair loss afterwards :sad:
  14. Lol, I agree, pregnancy/giving birth really made me realize how much I take "normal" things for granted. I had the weird coarse frizz/wavy texture for a while. I cut off the whole dang thing and now growing out my hair. Currently, it is straight just like before. I hear a lot of women's hair texture changes after birth, but that they also go back to normal. Mine took 2 years!

    I just wish the hair loss would happen on the body, not the head! My mom got lucky and hair body hair shed. She didn't have a whole lot to begin with, but she never had to shave her legs ever again. Her hair on her head was not affected at all. She said it happened after having the 2nd baby (me), so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. Every time I showered I wondered how I had any hair left on my head!! I could not believe the hair loss after the birth. I would say it lasted a good 6 months but didn't start until about 3 months. I am so glad that is over with. I have all these little tiny baby hairs now though that frame around my face, I can't wait until they grow out.