Venting and unsure

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  1. Soo many of you know i purchased a PST in beige clair and received it last week but it had a pin sized hole on the side as well is the sides looking like they were smooshed. i shipped it back and opted for the off white color 10800 with silver hardware and received it a little while ago. While there are no holes or smooshing on the bag the edges of the caviar look also doesn't feel like my jumbo caviar which is a lot harder. Am I being crazy? is the caviar of the PST different than on my Jumbo? Also the box does not have a sticker on me please
  2. Why don't you post some pictures of the wear on the edges. Maybe, some of the members can help you decide what to do!
  3. thanks I will i had to do dinner with the kiddies..will take some pics soon
  4. Hi,

    I think you possibly received a new pst with the newer caviar. All the new caviar bags will be a lot softer from now on and more washed. They are no longer making the stiff caviar we all love =(. I just bought a jumbo and the caviar is softer too. There were no more stiff jumbos in black with gold left. Kind of sucks with all the price increases as well. Crossing fingers for you.
  5. really? is this bag from the new collection? i didn't think so because of the color code. Does anyone know if the off white is with the newer caviar?
  6. All new bags are being made in the new washed caviar so unless you got really old stock it should be the new caviar!
  7. does anyone have a pic comparison..I mean I got my jumbo in October of last year. Not that long ago and the caviar is not washed at all. All help and info is appreciated.
  8. ^I don't have a picture but have seen one in person and it's not for me. I like very structured caviar. If you don't like it, then exchange it.
  9. ^^Ugh I don't know what to do..i just got the Jumbo a few mths ago, and i got a woc for xmas both are black. I wanted to make a purchase before the increase and the PST was the right price for me. If i exchange what can i get for a similar price?
  10. Hi, It's funny you posted this thread. Last week I called the 800# and asked about the new black jumbo caviars that are releasing now if the caviar is going to be softer than last seasons caviar. She told me that only the seasonal caviar bags are going to be the softer leather and none of the classics. They want to introduce the softer caviar little by little to see how well people like it. It is not the same caviar that they had out last year (like my fuchsia jumbo). It is going to be in between the stiff ridgid leather and the super soft caviar like the fuchsia. So when I get my new black caviar jumbo..I'll see the comparison between the two. I can't wait to get my new jumbo. It should be here any day now :smile:
  11. My mom just got the red cells tote and it's caviar but it's super soft..not at all like my jumbo. The pst i received today was exactly like you said, somewhere in between and I'm guessing it is because this color might not be a permanent helped me a lot just now by at least identifying which caviar it is..thank you!:flowers:
  12. the authenticity card number is 12727081 what does that? what year?
  13. I got a caviar tote in the washed caviar about a month ago and it came looking like there was a little wear on the bottom edges too. I think it's normal because I have been noticing it on several bags. The washed also scratches, unlike the really hard caviar. Only flaps come in the 2 piece box and my tote box did not have a sticker either.
  14. ^^ thank you!! the tag say 09P so i guess this is from 2009...?