Vent ... UPS!

  1. I'm sorry guys I need to vent because my husband and my friends don't understand because they don't love bags like I do.. So anyways on Saturday I ordered my MBMJ Huge Hillier ... So today I get an email that it was sent out with a tracking #.. So I just check the tracking info and lucky me its coming from Connecticut.. And I live in Brooklyn, NY which is fairly close and it arrived in Brooklyn at 7:15am but it says it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.. WTH why can't it go out on a truck today??? I'm so mad because now that I know it's in the same borough as me I want it!!!!!! Ugh... Waiting till tomorrow is going to be torture because UPS doesn't come to me till like 7pm... So annoying .. Sorry just had to vent.. Thanks for listening .. : )
  2. Go get it!
    We do that. If I miss the UPS or FedEx driver, we wait until that evening and go pick it up. In your case, you know it is there now.
  3. Can I still go even though they didn't attempt the first delivery yet?
  4. If you have the package number and they say it is at the warehouse, I don't see why not.
  5. Hope you're able to get your bag, Dawn! Ugh UPS can be the WORST! Today at work, they picked up a return, brought it back bc they said it didn't have the right return label, and then came back AGAIN because woops! they had the return label the whole time :wacko:

    Can't wait to see your new bag!
  6. Omg that's the worst.. I just checked the website again.. It didn't go out today.. : ( .. Guess I have to be tortured one more day... Because I can't pick it up until they at least attempt a delivery... : (
  7. Now I really annoyed I checked the status again and it says package transferred to the post office???? Wtf????? Why would they transfer a $500 plus bag to the post office????????
  8. Oh no!!!!! So annoying how UPS, which seemed perfectly dependable, cut a deal with USPS. No offense to anyone working for them, but I don't think I've ever had a positive experience with them. Aww Dawn, I hope you get your bag home safe and sound soon :hugs:
  9. Thanks so much... I'm just trying to figure out now if I'm still going to get it tomorrow like UPS says even though now its with USPS.... : (
  10. Nevermind I see it was transferred to USPS.
  11. I don't know why they would transfer an item like that to the post office but i know usps/ups have been working together. i know when i order stuff with fedex, they do the same thing. and also with ups. but, with tracking in hand, i go to the post office the same day and i can pick it up. i don't have to wait until the next day to get it delivered.

    edit: if i were you, just go pick it up at the post office if your tracking says it was transferred to them. then that means they have it.
  12. I wasn't around the area to go pick it up n my husband was at work n my mom has no identification so I guess I have to see what happens tomorrow.. I just annoys me because recently I ordered from target n it went straight ups or FedEx on of them all the way and a high end department store like Bloomingdales does this... Anyways does anyone know if UPS will keep updating the package progress even though USPS has it? like if it's out for delivery or not tomorrow.. Because if not than I will go pick it up?
  13. Well I actually take back everything I said about USPS... They delivered my package just now at 8:46am... Where as ups wouldn't have delivered it till 6 tonite! Yay... I'll do a reveal as soon as I actually wake up! Lol...
  14. Woo hoo!!!!!!! :yahoo::woohoo: