Vent: Super Market Cart & My Brand New LV

  1. So today is the first dry day here for a long time. I thought I should break my beloved brand new Speedy 25 in with a quick run to the super market. I had it hanging on my left arm while I was leaning to look at all those lovely cheeses. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this lady coming towards me with her cart. There was no one else there besides the two of us. Guess what she decided to do? She bumped her cart against my Speedy, and pushed it across the entire length of the cart!!!!!!!!!

    I was horrified. I could feel the cart dragging across my Speedy. I said 'Excuse me?' to which she replied 'Oh, I am sorry?' in a tone that was like 'Did I do something wrong?!?'

    When I got into my car, I found 2 white spots on the side of the bag that got scratched. You know the brand new Speedys they have the crease, yup, right on the corners where the crease was sticking out!!! What the *&^%%()&%????? :mad: :evil:

    I thought LVs are scratch resistent? :unsure:

    I've wiped a teeny bit of lotion on those spots with a piece of tissue. They don't seem to be that obvious anymore. But there are still there, and the point is ... how could someone be so blatantly bumping their cart into someone else, where there was plenty of space to move around?? And it had to be the very first time I carried my bag?

    Errhhhhhhhhh, stupid b-you-know-what-itch!

    Has anything like this happened to you?
  2. Sounds like she did it on purpose =( I'm so sorry about the scratch, it sucks that it was the bag's first day out too.

    Can you take a picture of it?
  3. How horrible! Nothing like that has ever happened to me, and if it did I would probably be a nervous wreck and out of paranoia I would never take any of my bags out again! I'm so sorry, maybe someone here in the forum can give you some tips on how to make it look better.
  4. Gosh, sorry to hear about what happened! I'd be rather mad about it too. :evil:

    And no, nothing like that has ever happened to me (yet).
  5. Maybe she was jealous?..if you post a picture maybe something like this has happened to someone before?
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. I bet that lady did it on purpose too! What is WRONG with her?? :evil:
  7. That SUCKS. Never happened to me. I'd say you handled it well. I would probably be at a loss for words. But I would be soooo tempted to be a b*tch right back to her. Sorry for your speedy :sad:
  8. as a matter of fact.. something pretty similiar did.... :suspiciou
    as i've mentioned on the pf before... my first lil lv was the mini sac which my dad bought for me when i was about 5(when i got tearfully bored when my mom was shopping in lv, so for being a good patient girl i got something from LV too! :love:) Anyways, i was pretty quiet as a child... and very well behaved (in fact, some ppl thought i was mute :blink:smile: and i was sitting on the supermarket cart(the part where the kids are strapped onto) and holding on to my beloved lv, when some lady brushed past so hard my bag got wedged in between the carts. she then proceeded to SCRAPE and FORCE her way through WITH MY LV STUCK IN BETWEEN all the while saying "oops! sorry! coming through ! s'cuse me..!"!!!! :amazed: EEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!
    for the first time in my life i made a public spectacle and screamed bloody murder.
    ech.. traumatising experience.... :mad:

    did u get the scratch on the canvas or on the leather? yeah apparently the canvas is supposed to be scratch resistant and virtually indestructable...
  9. It sounds like she did it in purpose too. Either that or she's just a clueless woman. I'm sorry that your Speedy suffered. I hope it's not noticeable.
  10. Oh my gosh, that's terrible! :amazed: :evil: (shakes head)

  11. Oh crap, I really hope the spots are not as bad as they sound after your lotion dabbing. :sad:

    Sending some good vibes your way in hope that you dun meet anyone like that again when you bring your Speedy for a walk. :sad:
  12. I'm glad you screamed bloody murder back then. I hope you scared the crap out of that rude rude lady! :P
  13. That's awful, how inconsiderate of her :suspiciou I hope your Speedy is feeling better :amuse:
  14. I would be so livid!!! I hope your speedy will recover from this incident
  15. Wow! Your speedy got roughed up!Im so sorry! I really think that people are so inconsiderate these days :sad: