Vent - she's pulling my leg!

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  1. Okay guys and gals.... I figured this was too good to be true. I bought a fabulous bal bag on eBay - way low price - I thought to myself that I was either one really lucky gal for once, or I was gonna get my leg pulled.

    Guess what. My leg got pulled. I wake up to this this am:

    [FONT=verdana, courier new,courier,tahoma,sans-serif]Hey! How are you??? I have a problem, bag was damage yesterday... as i was
    packing it up! my little Nephew spilled coffee all over it!!! I'm sorry but
    i cannot sell it to you due to this problem!!! x

    This sounds SO familiar... I forget, but wasn't this also an excuse with someone else a few threads back?

    I'm so upset - not because of losing the deal - but the fact that this girl may have done this before.

    Any advice - except for trying to remain calm and civilly write back to her?
  2. I'd ask her to send you pictures so you can determine whether you still want the bag or not. If she can't produce pics, then you can file against her for a non-performing seller.

    I can just picture her "nephew" spilling coffee ... yeah, right!

    A similar thing happened to me about 5 years ago -- I purchased a Vera Wang wedding veil for a great price on eBay and the seller emailed me and told me her cat peed on it. I asked her to send pictures but she didn't respond. She obviously either changed her mind or wanted to relist it to sell it for more money.
  3. Thanks Lori - I did just that.

    I'm so upset/sad... I was really hoping that she wouldn't do this, but I guess I was wrong.
  4. Wow, it's amazing how many sellers magically ruin an item the moment it's being packaged for shipment. What a coincidence! :weird:

    Definitely sounds like she's trying to pull one over on you. I'd ask for pictures so you can evaluate the "damage" yourself & decide whether to proceed with the sale. I'd love to see how she responds to that!
  5. Thanks Kore! Tell me about it... perhaps she didn't want to sell the bag - I had won it for 240.00 USD... ;) quite a steal for a balenciaga might I add.

    She's in the UK... I'll see if she responds, given the time difference. I wrote back that I would like photos to acess the damage and see if I could have the stain removed.
  6. A B-bag for 240.00? :wtf:

    I'm thinking maybe its fake and she checked your feedback and figured you would know the difference!
    I would just say it happened for a reason, be glad you didn't get it, then you'd have to deal with returning it! You'll find another great bag/deal in time! :yes:
  7. I know! I'm thinking since I got it for that cheap she's making up excuses to sell to me.

    I've already contacted eBay and done the live chat, I've also filled out some forms as instructed by the person regarding this.

    I would've paid more for the bag - sad thing is I actually really, really like it, too!
  8. Or, even worse, what if it IS authentic but she just didn't want to let it go for that price? There was another thread on here about some Marc Jacobs shoes that were listed as "Marc Jacob". Was this auction mis-titled or did it have any typos??

    I agree with the other posters. Ask for more pictures of the "damage", if she can't produce, then report it!!!
  9. Hopefully you can get the bag from her.. GOOD LUCK!!

    I do not understand why she doesn't list it at a higher price to begin with... I always start the list with the price I think is the less I can take for the item. I understand you pay more listing fees but it is better than telling the winner a lie.. right?
  10. Did you have you bag authenticated? was it all good? if so she was hoping it sold for more$$.
    Talk to live chat and see what they say, she has to sell it you, ask for pic.
    Good luck & keep us posted.:tup:
  11. sarah - i've had quite a few people look it over and it is authentic... I just don't think she wants to let it go for 240 USD. ;)

    i can see the price being lower since it's not an all leather bbag - but she did enter a contract with me once i bid and won.. KWIM?
  12. I don't think she will send you any pictures. Her story does not sound true to me. It would have been better if she would have told you the truth. She just did not want to sell it for such a low price. Please keep us posted.
  13. I've asked her for pics - haven't heard anything yet - she is 8 hours ahead of me (darn time change).

    It's a real bag all - which is what's making me madder - lol. I wouldn't be upset if it turned out to be a fake, but the fact that it's real is what's really rubbing me the wrong way. I could probably have the canvas part dry cleaned too - since the bag is the made up of canvas.
  14. Ooooooh... that would make my blood boil. I really hope it ends up good for you. You deserve this bag! You won fair and square!

    I hope eBay does the right thing and takes her through the wringer.
  15. I can handle the truth much better than a lie. I prolly would've offered her more if she said that, too.

    Thanks sarah - I've already contacted ebay with my concerns - we'll see if she actually offers up photos.