Vent: Referring to your bag as a "her"???

  1. So.. I'm at dinner with my boyfriend, his bestfriend (guy), and another girl..
    I look at my boyfriend after we are seated and ask him, "Honey, can you please put her over there?".. so that she is on the innermost side of the booth, and not in between us.
    The girl across from me looks at me with disgust, mind you this is the FIRST time I've ever met her, and says, "You brought your DOG?". (Like that would have been a crime or something.)
    I said, "Oh, no, I was talking about my bag."
    She kind of does this horrible condescending giggle, and squints her eyes in a super snobby way.
    My sweet boyfriend says, "Her name is Chelsea." In my defense I guess.. but really it may have made the situation even more uncomfortable.
    She responds with, "Oh wow, you actually named your purse?"
    My reply, "Uhm, no.. actually Coach did".
    That was my best response. I wish I could have thought of something equally as snobby!!!
    I know she's not a purse girl.. but still..

    Is that awful? To call your purse by her name? I mean, I really do, all the time. Carly, Chelsea, Demi, etc.
  2. I just did in a previous post!!!! How funny!!
  3. I call mine their names, little varations. Little Carly, CocoCarly, Carly Jean, Leigh, Ernest ergo hobo, Patches shoulder tote.... Well you get the idea. And come on, guys totally name their cars and other "things" near and dear to them...:wondering:devil:
  4. That is hilariously awkward! I dont normally refer to my purse as she or her but I do occasionally so you are not alone!
  5. I call my purses by their name or refer to them as "her" all the time.
    Like, what else are you supose to call them? :tender: LOL
  6. and sailing ships and cars as "she."

    I constantly refer to Ali as she and her. I have not caught myself in public "genderizing" her, but if I did I'm sure it would be with a :smile: and ;). Aah, but if other's can't see the fun in life, they're too tightly wound and someone needs to snip a few strings!
  7. not awkward at all, i was at a carnival yesterday and it started to sprinkle and i didn't have my bag to cover my white ergo. i went to a lemonade stand and asked for a bag for "her". the lady wasn't really paying attention and she gave me a bag but when she saw me putting my purse in it, DH said "ergo doesn't like to get wet because she wasn't cheap" he kinda came to my defense but i was only worried about getting her wet. at least they understand. carly demi is named demi and so on..
  8. i do call my purse a "her." but i haven't actually named her. sometimes when i'm with my boyfriend in the car, i'll be holding my purse on my lap and say, "isn't she pretty?" my boyfriend will just chuckle, he knows i'm obsessed with coach. sometimes, i'll even smell the leather (because it smells so good) and then offer it to him and say, "wanna smell her?"

    yea, i guess we're all a little strange, but at least we're united together in this. :smile:
  9. I just recently sold one of my girls on eBay. I was e:mailing back and forth with the buyer. At one point I told the buyer that I had doubts about selling her but I feel like she's going to a good home. I think the buyer thought I was nuts. Some people just don't get it.
  10. I don't name mine, but I don't have any bags with girls names. That may change though. I don't think you are crazy, our bags are rather cute. :yes:
  11. I don't call my bags by my name, I do refer to my car by name though, it depends on if I'm in a playful mood or not. Maybe during then I may also say while hugging my ergo "Isn't she lovely?" lol.
  12. What a b*tch for that gal to do that to you.... like you asked for her opinion anyway right???? hahaha

    And I totally refer to mine as 'her'. My daughter will pat my bag and say, "Who's a good bag??" like she's talking to our dog hahahhaha
  13. I totally AGREE!!!! and what does she care anyway w/ how you treat your bag??? GEEZ!
  14. LOL if I had a carly I would definitely call her that. I call my bags "she/her" to myself though. Except for my red patent hobo. I call that one "the hotness" LMAO.
  15. Hee hee!!! :tup: I always refer to my bags as "her" - I haven't named them, but I LOVE that DH and BFs are saying the actual names!! Wonderful! When I list on eBay, I always refer to them as "her" as you're not alone. How did the rest of the meal go? I mean, was she as wenchy as she sounds??? :p