Vent: Loose dog tried to attack my dog

  1. I need to vent. I am furious, scared, and shaking.

    I went out to take my dog [Beagle] for his daily walk... We were halfway down the road, and when I turned around, this Chow came up and bit my dog on the rear. My dog was barking like crazy, and the dog was just following us. I kept running with my dog, and was pulling my dog as I was running. I felt bad because I thought I was choking him, but I wasn't. I got home and told my dad about it, he said to call the dog pound. They didn't answer, so he told me to call the police department. So I explained to the police officer over the phone, so they're sending someone over. I should put in something like "What if a child was with me? That dog could have bitten him/her or scarred her..." Ugggh... This REALLY pisses me off.

    I mean when my dog was 3 months old, we took him for a walk without a leash because we didn't think he needed one. So when we passed up this residence, my dog just went to the ditch and the owner yelled "You need to have that :censor: dog on a leash!!!" I just ignored him and kept going...
  2. Ok. So an officer came and talked to me, I told her the whole situation. She said that she'll go to the residence and see if anyone's home. If there is, a ticket can be given out because the dog was "at large" as she said it... So now I dunno what to do. My heart's beating super fast... I told my dad about it, and he said "Well just hope the owner doesn't report you..." Don't know why he would, but the owner is an a-hole... :rant:
  3. reort you for what?? Being a responsible owner?? That is just awful, I hope your doggie is ok. Sorry that happened to you.
  4. Same thing happened to me and my dog. It was a maltese mix tiny and a big black lab that the owner NEVER put on a leash until I started making a HUGE stink. But that dog pounced on Rocky and broke a rib. And after that incident the stupid idiotic woman still let her dogs run loose and it cornered my son in the garage. THAT was it. I called dog pound police HOA everyone. Never have they been off the leash since.
  5. At the last apartment complex we lived in I got cornered by loose dogs all the time. Mainly by a large black lab and two German Shepard Dog mixes. Apparently the owners felt they didnt need to walk their dogs - that they could just use the apartment complex like a large back yard. It was always when I was walking one of my dogs. Thank goodness my boys are well socialized and didnt react negatively in the situation. I just dont understand why people dont use leashes! I always had to try and stand my guard and get the dogs to back down - while still trying to keep my dog calm.

    So I know what that felt like. Usually running away is not the best thing but I am glad that you are okay. Hows your baby doing? Did the bite break skin?
  6. I am so sorry to hear what happened to your poor beagle:sad: I have Chihuahuas, so I can only imagine how scary that must have been!!

    I am so glad that you reported the dog's owner! However, if that owner knows where you live, I would supervise your dog outdoors as much as possible, put a lock on the gate, and check your yard for mysterious "scraps" that the rude owner might throw over. I used to work in a vet clinic while I was getting my bachelor's degree, and I have know dogs to be shot by BB guns, stolen and purposely poisoned by food thrown over the fence by a neighbor who was p*ssed off about something.

    Sorry if I freaked you out--I have just seen the disgusting side of what people can do to animals when they are mad...a while back, my aunt's neighbors threw nails into our horse pasture b/c they were irritated at her about something. They knew that by hurting our animals, they would "get their message through". :sad:
  7. Yeah.. I feel bad for calling the police dept., but I didn't know what to do, ya know? Plus the dog pound was closed already... The Chow's bite didn't make him bleed, he just bit him... he woulda started bleeding if I wouldn't have pulled Aiden away... But my baby's ok... :crybaby: Ok just got back from jogging... with an update when I got home:

    Well my dad said "The dog's owner, the woman not her :censor: husband, came over and asked if I was the dog's owner... I said yes. She said she was soooo sorry for what happened... and that if we needed to take the dog to the vet, she would pay for it..." I was like "Oh... :shocked: " I mean the lady's the nice one I guess... but it's her husband that's a :censor: ...

    Couturegirl: Naw I wasn't freaked out... ;) I know it's a possiblity and hopefully won't happen... *sigh*
  8. John, I'm so sorry that this happened to your dog!! I hope everything works out for you both!!
  9. That's very scary. Hopefully she learns to control her dog.
  10. In OZ, it is illegal to have a dog off the leash, unless your dog is on your property. There's too many cases of dogs attacking humans and animals, it's because an irresponsible owner won't train their dog or supervise there dog. I'm sorry it has happened to you.
  11. You did the right thing to call the police. What is it with people letting dogs out off the leash? I don't get that. That happens where I live and it makes me furious...I hope your little doggie is not hurt, maybe he needs a little Burberry doggie trench coat to make him feel better.
  12. I am so sorry that happened to you and your doggie. At least the owner came over and apologized and offered to pay for they vet, but people these days really need to take better care of their pets. I hope everything works out for you two.
  13. I highly agree... People need to learn to control their dogs and have them on leashes when they are loose...

    I'm just glad the wife was nice... I wanted to give him a treat from my part saying "I'm sorry for not picking you up and started running, but then you would have scratched my stomach and arms up..." lol.

    Thanks all for replying. :smile:
  14. That's really scary. I'm glad you and your dog are okay. My parents' neighbor's dog was killed by a roving dog. People just shouldn't be that irresponsible and let their dogs run loose like that.
  15. The bad thing is that I can't get that image of that stupid Chow biting Aiden on the rear out of my head!!! :crybaby: