VENT: I listed a purse and people are bidding with negative feedback

  1. How in the world do you get -1 feedback?

    I specifically posted that I would not sell the purse to anyone with -0- feedback.

    And then I look at my listing today and the winner in the lead has -1.

    Has anyone else had problems with screen name on eBay daqueen513?

    I'm just trying to mind my own business on eBay and sell a LV ~ thank God I still have a few days left and hopefully this person will go away.

    People with negative feedback should not be able to bid.

    Thanks for letting me have my morning vent.

    No morning coffee ~ just a morning vent.
  2. there's an option where u could block those people from bidding.. thats what i did when i sold my ipod.
  3. I just sent this email to daqueen:

    Thank you for bidding on my Louis Vuitton purse. I apologize but I am only selling this purse to someone with positive feedback. Please do not bid on this purse in the future. If you can improve your score in the future I would be happy to sell it to you.

    Copy of this email going to eBay.

    ***Why can't people just follow the rules? I'm going to have to start posting more here so I can reach the 500 to become a full member. The only problem is my personality is somewhat shy so it will take forever to reach 500 but I'm going to try if these are the types of people on that other site.

    Thanks for the morning VENT!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks........I didn't know about that option.

    I'm going to do that now!!!!
  5. took a look at her FB....I can see why you want to block her..
  6. You can also cancel her bid I'm pretty sure.
  7. She won it or she is the highest bidder?
  8. You have to change your settings to not accept people with negative feedback.

    You can cancel a person's bid on your auction, but unless you put them on your blocked bidder list, they can place another bid on the same auction. (I just learned this last week when this happened to me.)
  9. I don't blame you for wanting to cancel her bid, you really do not need the hassle. I would also cancel her bid, people really need to read the listing and follow the rules!
  10. There are so many time wasters out there. Hope she doesn't win your purse.
  11. Wow, I LOVE your lock idea! That's the smartest trick I've ever heard. I think it's even better than those tie-straps. Cute bag.
  12. I'm still venting!!!!!!!!!!

    the lock idea wasn't my idea.......I read it here in this forum. So I can't take credit for that one. But I too love the idea. I think since the last time I sold a LV the scammers have increased big time!!!!!

    I've never been so stressed out from an auction before......I thought I set up no bids from -0- feedback but the winner right now has -0- feedback. So I blocked that id along with a few others. The auction ends will see?

    I guess people don't take the time to read that I will not sell it to them with less than 10 feedback.

    I hope all my blocks are in place now!!!!!

    Thank you all for your help & letting me know I could block them!!!!

    I will let you know Tuesday how this all ended.......

    now it's time for Chinese carryout :smile:
  13. Update: So the auction ended last Tuesday afternoon. I sent the invoice. Two days later the winner sent me an email stating she was having problems with her paypal. I've sent a few emails to her with no response.

    So Tuesday afternoon will be a week ~

    how do you persue this? Do I email ebay and then relist?

    I still have to give the bidder the benefit of the doubt until one week correct?

    Please advise.........just trying to be patient!!!!! But starting to feel like this has been a BIG waste of my time.

    why can't people follow thru on communication?
  14. Once the 7 days are up file them as a non-paying bidder. No use contacting eBay as they will do nothing. If they do not pay after that you can give them the NPB strike and get your fees back. If they get 3 NPB's then eBay automatically boot them

    In future I wouldn't contact someone who's bid on your auctions that you do not want as they could be bitter and simply open a new ID with the sole intention of screwing up your listing