Vent. Grr. I hate some SAs.

  1. Okay, so I ordered something from a store on the mainland. She told me shipping was probably going to be less 10 bucks. And it was 25% off. She said that they didn't have an official out of state ordering thing so she'd have to ring me up on the register. I ended up paying THEIR state tax (double my state tax), which was okay with me because the bag + shipping was still under retail.

    However she went to ship it and came back with a 30 dollar shipping fee. I called her and said I wasn't going to pay it and said that she didn't even warn me it was going to be 30 before she shipped it. She said that the 10 bucks was an approximation. 10 ... 30?? how is 10 ANYWHERE NEAR 30? So she said I can send the bag back and charge her for the shipping or keep the bag and pay the 30. SO, she's just paying MORE for me to send it back instead of half-ing my shipping or something?

    Also she said I practically lived overseas, and I bit back that Hawaii is in the US. Ughh. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Am i wrong to be mad?
  2. Not at all! I'd be mad too. Is there a way you can speak to a supervisor or manager of that store? Let them know you were cheated on shipping.

    Cuz seriously... $30 shipping to hawaii? It doesn't even cost that much for me to ship to Australia or Europe!
  3. she IS the owner. >>;
  4. Hmm.. if she is selling out of state, she shouldn't be charging the local state tax.. unless she's just pocketing that.

    Otherwise that's pretty garbage ! Especially the shipping quote.
  5. I pointed that out to her in the phone call we had too, she replied that it was because their store didn't have an official out of state selling system. Which when I read up on sales tax in the different states, wasn't supposed to be a factor on charging sales tax.
  6. Well, how much was the actual cost of shipping? Because if she charged $30 and it was actually a lot less, than you may have a case. But if $30 is the actual cost, I don't think there's much you can do about it. =(
  7. it was the actual cost, but i'm harping on the fact that she told me it was most likely going to be 10 or less. and she didn't come back to ask me if it was alright for it to 30 before she shipped it.
  8. lol it really bums me that all these stores are giving you hawaiians so much crap about chargesends. i mean USPS doesn't even charge extra to ship over there so why is it so much trouble for all of the other carriers to..

    her attitude & the way she handled it bugs me the most. i work in retail so i understand that sometimes things are not in your control, but you could still be nicer about things to the customer.

    i've had issues lately with the lesportsac outlet. i really hate to call sometimes because i never know who i'm going to get. most of the time though it's been this one SA who does take the time to go check things out for me, but she really doesn't sound too happy about it. :s
  9. i used to work as a SA too and it irritated me that she sounded/acted pissed off even if it WAS partly if not all her mistake for telling me such a different price than it really was. I asked her why she didn't use USPS and she said her company doesn't use USPS? Wtf..? it's HER company so i don't see why not.
  10. that's what i meant.. since she claimed that the $10 was an approximation for the actual $30 it would cost. honestly, if I made a mistake or such a huge miscalculation that drove my customer away from making the purchase, i would own up to it and apologize rather than take the position taht she did.

    lol i'm sure in her opinion the more efficient way to run her business is to use a different postal service.. i think a lot of retailers use DHL, UPS or FedEx rather than USPS. if I were the owner of a shop, I would at least make the offer since it's a special case. Miss :biggrin:ana shipped my OP Bella Bella to me (by mistake) using Express, had to pay $20 out of her pocket, but it got here the day after she shipped it & I was super grateful. I bet with the $30 they were trying to charge you, you would've had to wait much longer. =T
  11. ooh. yeah. i was there when she shipped it haha. we weren't really sure what was going on. ><

    and no... she said it's going to get here on friday or monday. she shipped it on monday. :/
  12. oh yea lol :smile: i hope y'all know now~ so you don't waste your money on postage >.< some of the post offices around here list the most expensive options first.. i used to ship everything first class but it's become more economical to ship with priority.

    lol i didn't read your original post all the way through. that sucks that she didn't know how much it was to ship to begin with.. she should've found that out before selling you the bag!
  13. i did ask her why she didn't find out the price and ask me before she shipped it, she said she couldn't tell me until she shipped it..? o-o;
  14. lol what a psycho! it's so easy to estimate shipping.. she was probably just too lazy to ask before they stuck the labels on.
  15. 3 times the price! I'd be p!ssed too.