Vent about paradiso

  1. I don't know if I am just not careful or what, but my paradiso bv is getting dirty/black marks on the corners. I had scotchgard it, but it's still getting blark marks :crybaby:. I am especially frustrated since I only used it three times. I used tide pen on those marks, but it just kind of lighten it. I even wash it in the washer, but it's still there. It's just bugging me. :cursing:
  2. how many times did you scotchguard it? did you make sure not to miss a spot?

    wow, you really shouldn't put it in the washing machine.

    i'd try the mr clean magic eraser before calling it quits.
  3. I did two layers of scotchgard. I am not sure if I miss a spot, but I am pretty sure that I didn't miss the corners because I knew those are the spots that get dirty easily.

    It came out fine from the washer. I am not too worried about the little bit of leather on the bag.

    I will try mr. clean magic eraser next. Thanks.

    I am also curious if anyone else had the same issue, or if it's just me. It's not like I leave my bags on the floor or anything, but I am not super careful.
  4. Is it that dirty? What were you doing that got it so dirty? I have been using my Paradiso and nothing has ever happened to it...and I don't even scotchguard any of my bags.
  5. It's probably not that dirty, but it just bugs me. No one will really look at it close enough to see it. Maybe I'll post pics when I get home.
  6. yeah, i check my bags thoroughly every once in a while and my paradiso zucca has stayed clean.
  7. Ok it's just me. I wonder what I am doing. I only time I set the bag down was the last time I carried it, which was behind me on the chair during lunch. Maybe the chair was dirty. I dunno.
  8. paradisos haven't gotten any marks yet... definitely try mr. clean magic eraser~ i haven't scotchguarded my paradisos yet and they've been spotless. hope u get the spot out or just don't let it bug you too may not be noticeable at all!
  9. qtiekiki - that sucks your paradiso is getting dirty despite all your attempts to keep it dirt-proof =/ but i just wanted to say, i have the same harajuku lovers tank top you have on in your avatar! its cute!
  10. Yeah I love the tank, especially the twisted racerback. I got one from Macy's during their last sale for 15% off, but I found a small hole by the seam around the waist after I got home. I returned it. I search all over the internet for it; it was sold out at a lot of places. Then I finally found it for $29.99.
  11. My Paradiso gioco has a small gray area on the back. I can only assume it's from rubbing against my body because the patch of gray is where the bag touches my body. It's not like I wore brand new dark clothing or anything. It just happened because of continuous rubbing, I guess. I wasn't able to get it out, but it's not noticable unless you look close and directly at the back of the bag. Thankfully it is on the back so I don't care about it... because if it was on the front, and I couldn't get it out, that bag would never be used again. So now my gioco is the least used of my bags because of it's light color. The last time I used it was for the preschool graduation because I wore a blue dress and our class color was blue. That was back in May.
  12. I have to say that my bags never touch the floor, especially in my car, never on the floor of my car. I am neurotic about my toki bags. No shopping carts, no outside benches..nada, nothing, never...too expensive for that
  13. same here. when i put it down in my's always sits in the passenger seat if not, the center console under a piece of clean paper towel. when i'm out with never leaves my hands or shoulder. i'm very particular with putting it down. If i gotta use my hands, i make my hubby or kids hold it.

    I own 3 paradiso's but haven't use any yet. now i'm kinda paranoid about using them. I was even thinking about giving my 8 year old one for her 9th birthday. I have to rethink that now, maybe i'll have to get her a darker print.

    whenever one of my bags have a stain, even a very small one, it irratates me. i hope u can get the stains out. good luck.
  14. hmm I've used my paradiso bambinone and so far the only part that's kinda dirty is the back because it rubbed against my clothes. It's not dirty, dirty .. just sort of grayish at this point. I don't scotchguard any bags tho ... maybe if I did that wouldn't have happened but I never remember to buy any scotchguard or magic erasers :push:
  15. i have this problem with my tutti ciao, and LVixen and i decided it was from it rubbing against my jeans, i almost always wear black clothes, so it was clearly the answer to the problem. it;s not super dirty, i've only had it a week now, but on the grid thing in the fabric, the little lines have grey on them.

    but i don't scotchguard my bags (i tried to look for it but couldn't find any), i just got a magic eraser but haven't used it yet.