Vent about my Landlord!!!

  1. I really need to vent right now about my landlord!

    To begin with, my landlord is a total nutcase! I knew this when I first moved in but I absolutely loved the apartment and didn't think she would be in my hair too much. She's so nutty that she schedules a once-a-month cleanliness check with all the tenants to make sure nothing is moldy in the fridge, the kitchen sink is empty, as well as the dishwasher (yes, the dishwasher AND sink have to be empty when she comes...), nothing is blocking the heaters in the apartment, amongst other things, like the shower is clean, etc. One time I came home at about 10 o'clock at night and she was gardening (yea.. in the dark).. and she saw me park my car in my parking spot. I was between the lines but I was a little crooked and she made me get in my car and straighten it..

    Well anyways, onto my vent...

    I should add that this is my school apartment I am talking about. I have been home from school since the middle of december for winter break. Two weeks ago she called and told me that she was going to take down my living room ceiling and put in ceiling lights, as well as a light in the hallway.

    So I just got back to my apartment today and I am so upset. I had moved one of my bookshelves into the closet next to the front door so I can use it as a pantry. I also had other stuff in that closet. I had tons of boxes that I was saving to use when shipping eBay stuff. Well when I came in, the closet was practically empty. She moved my pantry (bookshelf) into my kitchen. And she threw out all of my boxes.. (except for the ones that were for my kitchen appliances).

    I didn't mind her moving the pantry because it is actually nicer having it in the kitchen but not only that, I had a sephora box with the amazing grace body scrub in it because I ordered it online and the cap to the body scrub was broken so I have to send it back. Well, she threw out the box and left the body scrub on top of my dining room table.

    I looked in the fridge and there are two plastic bags with food that are not mine. I figured that she must have brought food to eat while she was working here and forgot it. I didn't mind until I saw that I had 2 bottles of wine that were almost full and now they are almost EMPTY!

    She also went through my kitchen cabinets and turned all of my cups and mugs upside down. She rearranged my microwave and my glass canisters that I keep flour and sugar and stuff like that.

    I feel so violated that she went through all of my things and not only rearranged them, but threw stuff out AND even drank my wine. I don't even think it was her that drank my wine. It was probably the workers that were here. But still. I didn't get here until like 10:30 so I felt it was too late to call. I called my mom and asked her what to do and she said to call my landlord first thing in the morning.

    I'm not a person that likes to cause trouble and I always like to take the easy way without any conflict. So I don't really want to make a big deal about her going through my things and rearranging and throwing away the boxes. I definitely am going to say something to her about the wine though.

    I just really needed to vent and would love to hear some advice if anybody has any,
  2. OMFG!That is so WHACKO!

    Write a letter of complaint........Personally,Id move...!
  3. I would go back and read my lease and see if her policies are outlined. If not, I say you don't come back in here without contacting me and approval. Of course she's gonna have a problem with this, but either way I would already be looking for a new place. Oh and have her reimburse you for the wine and a box and shipping to goback to Sephora!
  4. I have a year lease that ends in May
  5. Wow, I don't know what to say. This is a definite invasion of your privacy and beyond. I can't believe she would drink your wine! Maybe you should call her tomorrow under the guise of telling her she left her food, and then branch out into the problems. Ask her about the wine and tell her about the box situation. It's really unacceptable for a landlord to act this way. It really almost sounds like she has some sort of mental problem. I am sorry you have to deal with this.
  6. WHAT THE HE**? Is she nuts? She's stealing from you and invading your privacy!

    I admit I don't know if there is a difference between renting a "regular" apartment and a "school" apartment, and I have no idea where you live, but renters have rights and I think her re-arranging AND throwing out stuff without your permission is illegal. Check with legal aid in your area, she's taken this one step WAYY too far.

  7. It's just like a regular apartment. It's not an on-campus apartment. The other tenants in the building are of all different ages and occupations so it isn't just students.
  8. That is ridiculous. Renters have rights and she has no right to re-arrange your property or throw any of your property away. I would write her a letter expressing my displeasure of her actions as then something would be on file.

    There is no way I would put up with this.
  9. Sounds mildly illegal. I would look into that.
  10. Okay, and what state are you in? (Other than the state of confusion because I really think you have a case of invasion of privacy AND burglary!)

    Do the other tenants put up with this? Seriously, this must be illegal. In California they are allowed to do inspections, but must give the tenant 24 hours notice, and nothing is to be moved. I've lived in rentals all my life and I've never ever had a landlord that did this, and I've lived in everything from two-bit trailers with little old ladies as my LL, to Government Military housing where the US Army owned the furniture, the appliances and the dishes. From California, to Nevada, to Georiga, Michigan and West Berlin as well as West Germany. NEVER has anyone done this.

    Please check the laws and your lease. This isn't right.

    Edited to add: Just WHO does she think she is, "telling" you (by her actions) where you are to keep your kitchen things? I'm really ticked off FOR you on this!
  11. The apartment is in Plattsburgh New York. I don't have the lease on hand at the moment but I read it last year when I signed it and the thing was about 25 pages long. I don't remember if it mentioned anything about the monthly check ups. Although she does call me a few days before so we can schedule a time.

    I'm not sure if any of the other tenants have had to deal with something like this. I don't really talk to them besides a friendly hello in the hallway. But when my mom was helping me move in last year, she was talking to one of the other tenants and she warned my mom that the landlord is nutty.
  12. 25 pages? Ours is about three. Double spaced!

    I think the tenant who talked to your Mom was understating the "landlord is nutty" statement. She's certifiable!

    Hmm... I'm thinking you should contact the local housing authority or renters Legal Aid, should be able to find who you need online. Even if you signed a lease saying you allowed her to garden at tem pm and check the contents of your fridge, there has to be laws protecting you from theft because of her or the workers (she let them in, therefor she should be liable if one or more steal from you... be it wine, money or dustbunnies!)

    My landlord, for all his snootyness, leaves me alone. I haven't seen him in probably 4 years, although I hear him in the laundry room on occasion. (My apartment butts up against it.) We have on-site managers, I see them more often, but man, they are so respectful of our privacy, they don't come in unless I call them for repairs.

    I'm wondering if, just if she's picking on you more because she's got you pegged as non-confrontational? Perhaps other tenants refused to agree to certain "conditions" and she didn't push it? If I were you, and I know I'm a little more confrontational when I feel wronged, I'd get to know one of the more friendlier neighbors and really talk to them about how she treats them. I'll bet you that she doesn't push the male tenants around like this... I can't imagine most people putting up with it.

    You must be a saint. I'd flipped by now, and probably called the cops just for the missing wine and your boxes.

    Good luck honey!
  13. Thank you Speedy. I hate being such a passive person and I wish I wasn't but in cases like this, where I will still be living under her roof and rules for another 4 months, I don't want to stir up any trouble. I will call her tomorrow morning though and explain to her that I was upset when I came in because things of mine were missing (and drank). I don't want to get nasty about it because (although I doubt it), she may have taken the boxes and put them somewhere else (like in a storage room) to make more room and it might not have been her who drank the wine. I really doubt it was. She's all into wheat grass and running 3 miles every morning and crazy health stuff like that, so I doubt it was her. The food that was left in my fridge was cottage cheese and fruit and other organic things. So I'm sure that's hers and not the worker's.

    None of my food was missing either. I guess I didn't have anything that looked appetizing besides the wine. I have a few bottles of bacardi and a bottle of grand marnier in a kitchen cabinet. I immediately checked those after I saw the wine was missing and those bottles weren't touched. They are covered in dust though from when they took down the ceiling. I thought that was weird, especially if the cabinets were closed.
  14. Oh, I know this feeling... I was this way as well, and in some ways I still am. Just learned to pick my fights I guess. But I still try to avoid some things... but my living space is MINE! Mess with that and you risk losing toes! :p

    Yeah, I agree... if she's a health (nut) type person, I can't see her drinking your wine, although... they do say some wine is good for you. I guess though it depends on how much is missing for that conclusion.

    It's interesting though that the hard liquor wasn't drunk. Have they been opened at all? If not, they probably thought it would be more noticed than having drunk from already open bottles of wine. You did say there was some left in the bottles.

    I think your idea of asking where the boxes went is great!! If she tells you she threw them away, you have a case. But mayne she did move them. Then you can lead gently into "I think one of the workers may have helped himself to my wine" and see what she says. Just maybe, if she's singled you out because you are more passive, just finding out that you noticed will make her less touchy-feely with your things.

    Good luck!
  15. I think this is crazy behaviour and you shouldn't put up with it, I know your lease is up in 3 months and you can put it behind you but this lady over stepped her boundaries. I dont care if she owns this apt or not to rearrange stuff that is just to weired and out of line, she's a control freak and needs to be involved still. Its not right, im so sorry you have to go through this. The 25 page lease would have had me running the other way! let us know what happens ok!