Vent about Ebay Buyer

  1. I know this isn't the right forum for this but the LV forum is the one I always go to so I wanted to vent here - hope that's OK.

    So - I recently sold a bag on Ebay (I find designer bags at thrift stores etc. and sell them - I also sell for family and friends if they need me to).

    This bag was a 'vintage' Fendi - vintage meaning "I don't know when it's from but it's not new ;) "

    It was a suede baguette - gorgeous! And it sold for about $60 - great deal for someone.

    Anyhoo - She got the bag and left neutral feedback saying:
    prompt service,item a little more used than I expected:confused1:

    WTF? Bag was in AMAZING condition and I showed pics of it - very accurate pics. And had an exact description in the listing.

    So - why does this bug me so bad???

    This bag was from my mom's friend who recently passed away. She had tons of bags and my mom got most of them. This bag she didn't want (didn't even know what a Fendi was) and it's too small for me.
    So I thought - why don't we sell it on Ebay - then someone who loves Fendi can get a nice bag for cheap. It will be nice for that person and we know the bag will be loved.
    But this buyer doesn't LOVE the bag.

    I know this is sooooo stupid - it's a bag - not a cat. But I just want the bag to be loved - like the original owner loved it. Stupid - I know -- and stupid of me to sell it on Ebay -- I just figured that it would be bought by a Fendi lover.

    Ok - that's my vent :crybaby:
  2. Gosh..I understand how you feel..I feel the same way too when I sell something to someone. Sorry that you have to deal with this buyer, I guess it's buyer remorse..
    By the way, I remember reading your thread in Ebay forum..

    I think mods will move this thread to Ebay forum because this is not the place for this..
  3. Unfortunately "used" is relative and can mean a different thing to each person but she should have contacted you before leaving neutral or negative feedback. Sorry you didn't have a pleasant experience.
  4. Awwww, sorry this happened to you.
  5. I'm sorry that this thing happened to you.

    But u know.... these things do happen..

    Is there any way you can get rid of the neutral feedback? maybe complain to ebay or sth.
  6. I understand what you're saying. when I buy a bag on eBay it's usually for me or in a couple cases, for gifts for relatives. But I make a point of telling the seller (assuming they care, like you do) that it's for me. I will be using it and loving it. After awhile, I usually e-mail the seller and tell them how much I've enjoyed the bag and about the compliments I've received. Each time the seller has said it just made their day to hear that their bag is in a "good home".
  7. i know what you mean though! people do not pay attention to details in a listing, then they complain! i sold a gucci for 46 bucks and the girl did the same thing! i was like, you can't even buy jeans for that price anymore, why on earth are you making it seem like i dont represent my products correctly. people are just ridiculously obnoxious...i can relate.
  8. she's stupid: vintage bags are always in used condition!
  9. That's so true. That buyer is nuts. There's no way a vintage bag will be unused, unless the bag was kept in a glass case all these years!
  10. That stinks - hopefully she may end up giving to a friend who will appreciate it!:yes:
  11. That is too bad, and I can understand you being upset. Sorry that she took the fact that she did not pay attention out on you and the Fendi.