Venice Satchel in Crinkle Black or Regular Black?

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  1. I love the Venice style, but now that I have seen two blacks. The newer crinkle black lambskin and the regular ( I guess a bit more refined looking) black leather I can't decide. I have only seen pics online of both. I guess I am a bit worried of how crinkled the leather will be as it is already an edgy bag.
    Any thoughts opinions, or anyone with either or both bags! I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. I would love to know what people think about this too. Besides the difference in leather, the smoother leather has silver hardware and the crinkled leather has brass hardware. I prefer the look of the brass over the silver, but I think I prefer the smoother leather!
  3. I have the crinkle black and I was debating the same thing before I bought it. The SA from botkier told me that the crinkle bag is also lighter in weight than the smooth. I have not seen the smooth IRL but the crinkle is definitely light and the leather is so soft!! I also like the hardware since I already have a black bag with silver HW. The crinkle in the leather is not too loud, the pic on LB site is pretty accurate. I hope this helps.:smile:
  4. Thanks Cloud5, Ultimately I will have to see them in person I think. Hopefully the NYC boutique still has both styles. I am leaning towards the smoother leather looks wise,, but a lighter weight bag is very appealing too.
  5. I am getting the satchel in regular black, should be delivered soon. I'll let you ladies know what I think of it. I wish the regular black came with the brass hardware since I have a MAB with silver hardware.
  6. I received the bag and it is gorgeous. The leather is thin and soft and has a sheen to it, similar to Rebecca Minkoff's Noir. I'm surprised how lightweight the bag is. My bag did have a large patch of very wrinkled leather so it looks odd. I'm going to exchange it, but I think I will be using this bag for a very long time.
  7. Isn't it beautiful! I love it. Where is the wrinkled patch?

    blue I don't think you can go wrong with either style!
  8. Unfortunately the wrinkled patch is on the side of the bag without zippers so it looks very obvious and odd. There's a scratch that I didn't notice right away too. I think the characteristics of this leather helps "hide" any scratches and scuffs so they're not so obvious which is good, so I don't have to baby it too much. I'm glad I can get a replacement.