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  1. I'm going to start with some of my Hermes items since that's my passion.

    Kelly 32 natural courcheval/ gold (1996 I think-Z in a circle)
    Birkin 35 chocolate Togo/ Palladium (2004)
    CIMG0472.jpg CIMG0496.JPG CIMG0477.JPG
  2. wow!!! i really like your collection!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Cute handbags! Lovin' your Kelly. Thanks for sharing xxx
  4. ^^

    Thanks. I posted this story in the Hermes sub-forum, but it's really better here (sorry it's a little long and a repeat for some):

    About 5 years ago I was moving out of the admiration from afar stage and into the possibility of actually purchasing a Kelly. I even went through the stage of seriously considering high quality fakes. (but, no matter how high the quality, they still didn't compare) My husband & I were in Monte Carlo and we visited the Hermes store there. We asked lots of questions about the Kelly and left. We got about 2 blocks and I finally said, "I want the real thing" so we went back and were told about a long wait list. Despondent we just strolled near the casino and ended up walking past a secondhand boutique with a Kelly in the window. Based on what we just learned we were 99% certain it was real (I joke my Kelly was once owned by a former Monte Carlo resident named Grace...) I glowed the rest of that trip.

    Once we returned to the States, I took it to Hermes, told them honestly where I had purchased it, and asked how much it would cost to have it refurbished. They examined it very diplomatically. I knew they were authenticating and breathed a sigh of relief as they sent it off to be refurbished.
  5. love your hermes!!!
  6. Love:love: your birkin ... that's my dream bag! Maybe one of these days ...
  7. I love the Kelly!
  8. Beautiful! I love your story about your Kelly....
  9. great story! I frequent the thrift store on Palm Beach hoping to have a similar experience!
  10. wowww really love ur birkin
  11. :love: YOUR HERMES!!!
  12. What a fun story about your Kelly. How wonderful that it came from Monaco. Your bags are so gorgeous and I love your jewelry.
  13. the birkin is TFD! ;)
  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Thought I'd take some time tonight to post some of my other purses.
    th_cccd0956.jpg th_600dc6b5.jpg th_1d8dd096.jpg th_598c43a3.jpg th_521bdb27.jpg th_3b7f5852.jpg
  15. Lovely birkin!