Venetion and Sak's in Las Vegas doing EGC for Nov, Dec and part Jan!

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    </TD></TR><TR><TD>Just mention code “EVO1107” and let the fun begin.

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  2. Thanks for posting! Could you please elaborate on the details? I would love to know the exact dates and is this for LV Saks only?
  3. I'm also curious about the details. Please let us know! =)
  4. wow i hope other Saks follow. Don't all Saks have egc at the same time?
  5. Is it just this one store?? I wish it were all of them!
  6. I didn't call the veneition or antyhing but if you go their website, you can search the dates available. It just appears if you stay at the Venition, During NOv/Dec and part of Jan (only select dates get the discounted suite rate) and put in the code, than you get to go shop at Sak's for EGC.

    I think you just need to go to their webiste (venetions) and search for dates since there are multiple ones available.

    Not sure if all stores will particpate, it just seems like the Las Vegas Sak's for now.