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  1. How many venetia's do you have?
    What do you like about this bag?
    Style (ex.) quilted or not
  2. just one for now...but i reaaaaaally want one in putty :heart: (I think spring 2006?)

    I love the size, the fact that my pink razr matches it and that it fits in the front pocket, and that it's a satchel (my shoulder doesn't hurt by the end of the day :yahoo:).

    There's just something about this bag that i can't quite put my finger on that made me fall in love with it since the first sight...and still leaves me breathless when I spot one ;)

    Bubblegum aka pepto bismo pink ;)

    Not quilted
  3. Just One.

    Pomegranate (dark deep red w/dark red stitchings) w/canvas dark brown interior, non-quilted, silver hardware. I think it was Fall '04.

    I LOVE the specific color I got (through Elux). Easy maintenance, color gets deeper and the leather gets more shiny and smoother by the use.

    I use one front pocket for cell phone, the other for oil-blot compact w/mirror.

    The bag itself fits tons inside.

    Only thing is that it is handheld. Sometimes it gets a bit heavy, but I'm used to it by now w/all the MJ bags and would sacrifice being a bit uncomfortable in order to carry his bags.

    BTW, this is my hubby's favorite bag out of all my other MJ bags (even more so than my Petal Pink Sophia and the infamous Putty and the Black Stams! :wtf: )
  4. out of curiosity, why do you say "infamous" putty?
  5. I have one in petal pink. I love the size, the style, the shade of pink and the thick leather. It's not quilted.
  6. Oh~~haha, it seems like Putty Stam is a color of a Stam that is hard to acquire nowadays but is still in high demand. Would have expected my hubby to like it more than the Pom Venetia, but surprisingly, he liked the colorful venetia.
  7. One, in the classic black. Mine has the linen/cloth lining.
  8. I have a quilted Venetia in Bordeaux.
    I love the style of this bag, it's my favorite among the Soft Calf Classic Collection. It it were a little bit smaller, I wouldn't mind having it in multiple colors. =)

    There are 2 points that members dislike about Venetia:
    1. Venetia's shoulder straps aren't as long as Blake so it cannot be worn comfortably on the shoulder for many members, it's more of a hand-held bag for some.
    2. What to do abou the middle strap? =)
  9. I only have one for now in Maroon. I love it it's probably my favorite bag. I get a ton of compliments the color is such a beautiful purple. The only con I have is that it can get heavy if you stuff it like I sometimes do. I don't mind though it's such a nice bag i'll take the occasional sore arm.
  10. Five..tapioca, spearmint, quilted black, sap and emerald.
    This bag looks incredible in about every color I've seen. I love the room inside and love the hardward and style on the outside..doesn't matter how awful I feel nor how bad I'm dressed it automatically make me feel stylin...maggie
  11. I'm so jealous! I love the purple Venetia. :tender:
  12. I have a Sap Green Venetia. Mine has suede interior in Indigo which I love. It is a heavy bag, but I overlook it because it is too gorgeous to not use.
  13. In addition to my quilted Venetia, I would like to have a non-quilted one as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get it. =)
  14. Really? Is it that heavy?
    I want to get one but if it's too heavy, it'll be a problem :shrugs:
  15. I have the sap green with blue suede interior, too. It is just beautiful, I save it for when I need to look exceedingly professional and smart. I have a black suit that I wear it with, it just makes the outfit.