Venetia - what colors are available???

  1. I love the style of the venetia but am after a darker, more neutral color.:yes:
    What colors does it come in?
    Do they change the colors every season or are there some staple colors that are always available?

    Thanks everyone!!!!!:shame:
  2. Venetia (debuted in year 2000) is made in various colors every season, Black and White (variations of white) are the only 2 colors that are always available.

    Spring 07: Black, White, Navy, Light Grey
    Resort 06: Black, Tapioca, Cocoa, Olive
    Fall 06: Linen, Amethyst, Whiskey, Graphite

    It depends whether you are looking for a full price (more choices) or discounted Venetia (outlets).
  3. The colors change every season. If you check the reference thread under leather varations, any color shown in classic calf is available in Venetia. Right now, I think a dark neutral color that would be available now is resort's cocoa and spring's navy. MJ boutiques can also do a search for you if you are interested in a past season color.